Life Hub Homeschool Curriculum Review

Life Hub ReviewSUMMARY of Life Hub Homeschool Curriculum Review:

  • Grades: 1st -12th
  • Subjects: All (variety of)
  • Category: Secular / Non-Religious
  • Format: online
  • Price: $9.50/month for 1 child + 2 parents/guardians $18.50/month for up to 3 children + 2 parents/guardians

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How to Use Life Hub in Your Homeschool

Of course, looking for new ways to keep your kids engaged and motivated in their learning journey can be a challenge for homeschooling families. Thankfully, there are always fresh ideas and creative activities to help reignite their passion for learning. Life Hub provides a fantastic platform for students to choose tasks, earn money, and learn simultaneously.

It’s a great tool to inspire students who may be less enthusiastic about their studies. Life Hub offers quizzes, crosswords, and Microsoft Office tasks to make learning fun and interactive. Your kids will also gain important life skills such as resume building, which will be invaluable in their future. And again, they can earn real money on a debit card and learn financial independence and financial literacy along the way. So, it’s a win-win situation for both parents and students alike!


Life Hub Highlights

Life Hub Job Topics
Various job topics offered.

Life Hub offers:

  • Jobs for school age children 6-18 years old
  • A variety of topics.
  • Parent controls to assign, lock, and save jobs as well as add an earn budget.
  • Quizzes normally have the child watch a short video and then answer questions based on what they just watched. Quizzes are typically $1.
  • Crosswords normally have the child watch a short video and then answer a crossword about the information they just watched. Quizzes are typically $1.
  • Microsoft Office Jobs (word document, powerpoint, and excel) have the child watch a video or view information and then answer questions in paragraph form or complete a task. Microsoft Office Jobs are typically $3-$5.

Pros and Cons

Life Hub Example Lesson
Quiz job example.


  • Contains a wide variety of topics so there is something for everyone’s interest.
  • Easy parental controls for assigning jobs
  • Ability to lock jobs that you don’t want your child to do.
  • Most lessons topics/assignments are simple to do but also engaging enough that your children are learning without struggle.


  • Not everyone has access to or can afford Microsoft Word so that limits who can use all the jobs.
  • Some younger children may struggle with reading the quizzes and crossword puzzles on their own.
  • Some of the Microsoft PowerPoint jobs have videos that I struggled to get to play so that might also cause your children some issues as well.

Additional Comments from Life Hub Reviewer

“Life Hub is a unique take on teaching information to children while offering them earnings in the form of real money on their own debit card. Of course, the idea of this was a huge hit with my teens.  And at the current price points I could easily see them earning the money to offset the cost each month with weekly use.” Andrea D.