Mr. D Math Homeschool Curriculum Review

SUMMARY of Mr. D Math Homeschool Curriculum Review

  • Grade Level: 8-12
  • Subject: Math and Test PrepMr. D. Homeschool Math
  • Category: Standards-Based
  • Format: Online, project, and text-based learning
  • Price: Varies based on course

How to Use Mr. D Math in Your Homeschool

Mr. D Math offers students from Pre-Algebra through Calculus options to choose how they learn. Mr. D Math offers synchronous and asynchronous learning. This means that you can choose self-paced lessons or live classes with teacher and student interaction.

Mr. D Math Highlights

  • Many course options include math, language arts, economics, college, and career readiness.
  • Students can choose self-paced courses or live classes.Mr. D Math Homeschool Lessons
  • Mr. D and his staff are well qualified
  • Courses come with printable worksheets that students use during the course of the week
  • Live classes meet once a week

Mr. D Math Curriculum Pros and Cons


  • Mr. D and his staff are great teachers
    Mr D Math homeschool videos
    Actual math class video.
  • Teacher often meet with the live class early so students can have some interaction
  • The students taking his live classes can ask questions
  • If a student doesn’t understand a concept from the live class or another teacher, they have access to Mr. D’s pre-recorded lessons on the topic.


  • With options catering to different learning styles, it was difficult to find a con with this company.
  • Cost could be prohibitive for those interested in live classes. But you get what you pay for, and for us, this is totally worth it.

Personal Review of Mr. D Math

“This is my personal review of Mr. D Math. We are a homeschool family with six children and have been homeschooling for 16 years. I have two students left that I’m still homeschooling and both of them took Mr. D Math this past year.  One of them was in Algebra II and the other was in Algebra I. For the first time in a long while, the girls were able to do high school math without constant help from me. They enjoyed logging in each week and seeing the students in their class and their teacher. There really is something about the Mr. D’s teaching style that the kids really love. Even though my daughters had wonderful teachers (other than Mr. D) they would still use the pre-recorded videos to watch again after class. This was the first math course that really made a difference in my children’s achievement.”

  • Videos aren’t high tech – but they teach the concept WELL!
  • Great teachers that really take time with the students.
    Mr. D Math Student Grades
    View of student portal grades.
  • Great courses that help the students see math differently.
  • Easy to use for the parent and student.
  • Simple format so students can easily see their assignments at a glance.
  • Super easy for the parent to see their student’s progress and grades at any moment.

Algebra I student says: ” It was easy to understand and I loved the way that Mr. D’s teachers teach math.”