Northgate Academy

Northgate Academy
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Northgate Academy is an affordable, premier, regionally accredited online high school that serves grades 9-12 from a Christian worldview. Northgate Academy offers college preparatory programs designed to prepare students for success in college and life. The Academy offers open enrollment for students nationwide and worldwide interested in attending a high-quality, community-focused, high school. Northgate Academy offers standard, AP and dual credit college level course 100% online. Students are supported by a nurturing, caring, highly qualified staff.

Northgate Academy offers both a standard diploma as well as an advanced diploma with the difference being credit requirements.

Northgate stands apart in that it partners with parents to give their high schoolers an accredited, quality education and to provide tools and resources to help in the educational process. Their curriculum is Christian based and meets and exceeds the state and National standards.

The primary focus of Northgate Academy is as quoted from their website, “The mission of Northgate Academy is to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders, through the training and nurturing of students in their spiritual, academic, emotional, and social development. This is realized through delivering a Christ-centered education, founded on biblical truth, which leads to the development of a world-view that will greater impact the world for Christ.”

We liked the fact that you can easily begin with Northgate Academy and you can proceed at your own pace through the courses to be able to finish your diploma quickly.


Grade Level: 9-12 grade

Parent involvement: low

Demographics: group or individual

Religious Alignment: Christian

Homeschooling Method:  standards-based, online classes

Learning styles: lectures, demonstrations

Format: online courses