“Not Another Christian Parenting Book” Review

Peter Daniel James’ Not Another Christian Parenting Book adds a different spin to the genre that seems to have an overabundance of options. As one can tell from the title, the author is quite aware that such books can often be met with a groan and an eye roll. In his book, however, James seeks to offer helpful information in a way that can be utilized by parents in their unique situations. Children aren’t “one size fits all,” and therefore parenting advice shouldn’t be either.

Contrary to tips and tricks other books may include, James focuses on dealing with whatever issues may arise that tend to push our individual buttons and responding with grace. It’s easier to follow a set of guidelines with spelled out, uniform consequences, but while that may modify a child’s outward behaviors, their heart – and the hearts of the parents – are left untouched. Through the suggested exercises, questionnaires, and more, individual couples or groups work together to identify issues and find grace-filled solutions to the unique concerns each family faces.

Personally, I am one who tends to lean more toward the eye roll and groan response to parenting books. While I have read some that have had helpful information, I’ve also read several that have left me walking away and shaking my head because the advice given may have worked for their child, but I knew it wouldn’t work for mine. Instead of hope that things might change, I walked away with guilt that I would never be able to replicate their success. Children’s personalities are so vastly different that what works for a quiet, meek, mild-mannered child will have an entirely different outcome if implemented with an energetic, rambunctious, wild child. (Ask me how I know.)

James’ book was different from the beginning in a way I could appreciate. He is practical and doesn’t pull any punches in reminding parents that we’re all busy and must make time for the things that matter. Raising our children to the best of our ability matters. The method the advice in this book takes is also different, which is why it is best done with couples. Both members of a parenting team need to be on the same page and this is accomplished together.

I don’t want to give too much away, but this book helped me more than I was expecting. Practicing and role playing individual scenarios is extremely effective to prepare for real-life situations. It will not only help your children in the long run, but it will also help you be able to respond appropriately when situations arise. This book will be one I reread and return to often.

I also loved the reference to Navy SEALs and the quote the author mentioned has stuck with me: “The more you sweat in peacetime, the less you bleed in war.” 

If you have kids with whom you desire to live in a peaceful household, cultivate a lasting relationship, and raise for the glory of God, this book would be beneficial for you. It can be purchased here or read for free by Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

-Naomi White


*I was gifted an advance copy of Not Another Christian Parenting Book by Peter Daniel James in exchange for an honest review.*