Oak Meadow School Homeschool Product Review

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  • Grades: K-12th
  • Subjects: all
  • Category: Non-Religious
  • Format: Traditional
  • Price: Paid

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The Oak Meadow curriculum provides students and families with an accessible, well-rounded, and academically complete education. When you purchase our curriculum materials, you receive everything you need to homeschool your student for an entire school year.

Each coursebook includes 36-weekly lesson plans, with a variety of assignments, activities, and readings. For the home teacher’s convenience, we’ve included assignment checklists, planners, materials lists, and learning assessment rubrics to track student progress. Many families enjoy the structure of our 36-week lesson plans, and others take advantage of the built-in flexibility of the curriculum design by adding, subtracting, or adjusting the material as needed or desired. Teacher manuals, craft kits, and supplementary materials are available for further guidance and enrichment.

While Oak Meadow can be used as a comprehensive homeschool curriculum, many families choose to use our materials as their academic foundation and supplement with other educational resources, or they purchase separate courses as part of an eclectic approach. Our K-4 coursebooks include lessons for all subject areas (note: Math is separate in Grade 4); grades 5-8 offer separate coursebooks for each subject and may be purchased individually; high school coursebooks are available by subject and course title.


Oak Meadow School Advanced Study Program For High School Juniors and SeniorsOak Meadow Homeschool Curriculum

Oak Meadow’s curriculum can be used independently or through its fully-accredited distance learning school, offering everything you need to homeschool your child. Oak Meadow curriculum is designed for homeschooling success – their homeschooling courses for preschool through high school are used by thousands of families worldwide.

The Oak Meadow high school program is built on strong academic standards, and reflects a deep commitment to meaningful and creative college and career preparation. This is extremely evident in their self-directed Advanced Study Program.

The semester-long, five month, Advanced Study Program offers Junior and Senior students the chance to engage in an exciting and relevant study of their own design while earning credit and preparing for the challenging work of college and beyond. The Advanced Study Program empowers students to become the architects of their own education, and take ownership over a project from start to finish, from the initial brainstorming and development phase to the execution of the final project, and everything in between. During the Program, students work with an outside mentor(s) as well as an Oak Meadow Faculty Advisor.

Three different Advanced Study Program (ASP) options exist: an Academic project, a Professional work experience, and a Hybrid approach.

Academic Advanced Study
In the Academic Advanced Study Project, students engage in a research based learning experience that culminates in a final project that can take many forms: a research paper, a portfolio of experiments or essays, a blog or website, or a Powerpoint, video or multimedia presentation.

Professional Advanced Study
In the Professional Advanced Study Project, students spend a minimum of 4.5 hours per week gaining hands-on experience in an active work environment. Through mentorship of a skilled professional, students gain skill and experience in a range of disciplines: musical or visual arts, crafts and trades such as carpentry and building, weaving, farming, cooking, film production, business and accounting, web design, education, etc. The final project for the Professional Study Program includes a well maintained weekly journal, documented hours and accomplishments, a review from the onsite mentor, and a final essay reflecting on the learning experience and future ambitions.

Hybrid Advanced Study
In the Hybrid Advanced Study Project, students develop projects that combine the benefits of both the Academic and Professional programs, incorporating onsite, experiential learning with academic research, writing, and presentation. This option can be used to blend academic, professional, and creative elements.

We were given the opportunity to read a teacher evaluation of an Oak Meadow School Academic Advanced Study Project. The student completed an academic research project entitled, “Numerical Differentiation of Blood/Brain Barrier Equation for Studies of Dopamine Receptor Regulation”. The student had an Oak Meadow science instructor as his Advisor, and was mentored by professors from 1) John Hopkins School of Medicine and from 2) the University of Copenhagen. The student’s work was detail-oriented and he utilized his knowledge of computer science and calculus to work with real data. The entire project was VERY impressive!

Other Advanced Study Project s during the last year have included students–

  • exploring the world of filmmaking through many different mediums: taking a class, working with a mentor, doing research, and making a series of short films for the final project.
  • creating a website in four different languages on the history of felting, a project that combines the student’s love of felting, skills in world languages, and the student’s desire to learn something new (web design).
  • Studying neuropsychology, how the brain functions and how it is affected by emotions, brain injury, and psychological disorders.

Can you imagine your child pursuing his/her interests in such a manner? How would s/he grow academically, and, perhaps more importantly, how would your child grow on a personal level? Increased determination? Increased work ethic? Increased confidence in his/her abilities?

The Oak Meadow Advanced Study Program – it’s a GREAT opportunity–on so MANY levels!