Outschool Homeschool Product Review


  • Grades: K-12th
  • Subjects: all
  • Category: Non-Religious
  • Format: video-based virtual learning
  • Price: Paid, classes start at $10/mo.

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How to Use Outschool in Your Homeschool

Outschool is perfect for a variety of course options. Students can choose courses that they need a la carte. Courses are also great for fulfilling elective credits for high school students.  Students learn on any device with live video chat classes that fit your learner’s needs, interests, and schedule.

Classes are available for students from Kindergarten through High school. Students can supplement their learning with core classes and even passion courses. Outschool is great for learning those things you’ve always wanted to learn!

Outschool Highlights

Outschool offers over 140,000 interactive online classes for students of all ages and grades and more than 10,000 teachers with classes in:

  • Arts – Drawing, Photography, Dance, Theatre, Sewing, and more!
  • English – Creative Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Book Clubs, Essay, and more!
  • Life Skills – Cooking, Finance, Critical Thinking, Study Skills, and more!
  • Music – Guitar, Piano, Singing, Composition, Music Theory, and more!
  • Social Studies – Geography, Anthropology, Economics, Politics, and more!
  • Coding and Tech – Video Game Design, Robotics, Engineering, and more!
  • Math – Algebra, Numbers, Geometry, Calculus, Statistics, Probability, and more!
  • Health and Wellness – Hygiene, Emotions, Exercise, Nutrition, Mindfulness, and more!
  • Science and Nature – Chemistry, Biology, Zoology, Astronomy, Anatomy, and more!
  • World Languages – Spanish, ASL, French, Japanese, German, Latin, and more!
  • Learner Favorites – LEGO, Minecraft, Pokemon, Fortnite, D&D, and more!

Outschool Pros and Cons


  • With so many options, there’s truly something for everyone.
  • The classes are interactive, so it isn’t your child just watching a video; they are actually have a teacher and classmates.
  • There are many options geared specifically for special needs students.
  • This site is great for taking high school electives.
  • Access to so many great classes while still being able to be at home
  • They offer a “Learner Allowance” which allows the parent to add funds to the student’s account. The student can then browse classes and request ones they would like to join. Once the parent approves the class, the student is enrolled. This gives them independence and a feeling of control over their learning.


  • With so much to choose from, all bases seem to be covered. I really couldn’t find a con with Outschool.


Helpful Resources from Outschool

You can join Outschool for free today, and see what they have to offer!