QuestClubs’s Product Reviews

QuestClubs – Preschool-12th Grade – $30/family $.99 for a particular badge/pin

Do your kids respond positively to sticker incentives? To earning badges and awards? If so, you can combine your homeschooling with! Quest is an educational incentive program that uses badges (really, they’re pins–which are easier and nicer than badges) and awards to encourage kids to study an abundance of subjects. Written by homeschoolers just like you, this program knows, and uses the homeschooling motto that everything is educational.

Currently has more than 1200 badges your kids can earn, with more being released every month. They are listed in the following categories–

An alphabetical list of badges can be seen here. Quest certainly knows how to turn anything your child is interested in, into a fun and educational badge!

To earn a badge/pin, your child has to combine traditional learning with an activity or service. For each subject, your child might learn/be involved in the following–

  • Overall knowledge about the subject: this might include technical terms, jargon, or terminology.
  • History of the subject and how the subject is used today.
  • Art projects associated with the subject material.
  • Craft applications: if applicable, your child might have to build or make something that relates to the chosen subject/badge.
  • Geography: your kids might have to look at a map and find the places where the subject came from or where it is used today.
  • Games to help them learn the subject material.
  • Music related to the subject.
  • Technology: how is it made? How is it used? How does technology impact the process?
  • Service projects/volunteer opportunities.
  • Shadowing someone who works in the area.
  • Internet: with a parent’s permission a child might research websites that apply to the badge/pin subject.
  • Field trips to locations that make or use the subject material.

Don’t see a badge you want? You can design your own! just asks that you share your badge with other Quest members–they give directions on the site as to how to do this.

Quest works well in a family or a co-op/group/club setting (yes, you can set up your own Quest Club!). If your kids want to wear their badges, similar to how scouts wear theirs, you can purchase a vest to display the badges, although this is not necessary. Like the scout program, there are Leader Handbooks, a Quest Song, instructions regarding a Flag Ceremony, etc. Clearly, you can make the program as loose or as structured as you’d like.

Academic badges–what a cute homeschooling idea! One you might want to try at your house or co-op this year!