Quest Clubs Homeschool Product Review

Quest Clubs

Quest Clubs Product Review


  • Grade Level: Ages 3 to adult
  • Parent involvement:  High
  • Demographics:    Independent
  • Homeschooling method:  online badge type program
  • Learning styles:   activities, creative, unit study
  • Format: Online, can also be used for a physical club
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Quest is a badge based educational incentive program that can be used in a wide variety of ways from scout-like clubs to after school programs, to homeschool curriculum and more!  With nine Areas of Discovery, their badges cover everything from outdoor skills like camping and kayaking to character traits like responsibility and teamwork. Want to know more about how Quest Clubs started? Click here for the story behind Quest.

Quest Clubs

How to Use Quest Club

Quest Clubs offers a source and framework for any family, school, or church to start skills and character-based clubs to encourage their children to grow in new knowledge about our world, and in values that will help them develop into mature adults. The website gives a step by step approach for this as a unit study for a homeschool family, or setting up a club type program, with a very diverse choice of badges to be earned. The skills are awarded by physical badges to be worn on vests or can be printed off the website.

To earn a badge/pin, your child has to combine traditional learning with an activity or service. For each subject, your child might learn/be involved in the following–

  • Overall knowledge about the subject: this might include technical terms, jargon, or terminology.
  • History of the subject and how the subject is used today.
  • Art projects associated with the subject material.
  • Craft applications: if applicable, your child might have to build or make something that relates to the chosen subject/badge.
  • Geography: your kids might have to look at a map and find the places where the subject came from or where it is used today.
  • Games to help them learn the subject material.
  • Music-related to the subject.
  • Technology: how is it made? How is it used? How does technology impact the process?
  • Service projects/volunteer opportunities.
  • Shadowing someone who works in the area.
  • Internet: with a parent’s permission a child might research websites that apply to the badge/pin subject.
  • Field trips to locations that make or use the subject material.

Quest Club Features

Quest Clubs are a great alternative to traditional scouting programs.  They offer the structure and friendship of a scouting style program but have unlimited badges, a wide variety of higher awards, and the flexibility to design the club to fit the needs of your group. Written and designed by homeschoolers, Quest knows exactly how to turn anything your child is interested in into a fun and educational badge. Their badges combine learning with activity, service, and even career exploration.

Currently, QuestClubs has more than 1200 badges your kids can earn, with more being released every month. They are listed in the following categories–

Quest works well in a family or a co-op/group/club setting (yes, you can set up your own Quest Club!). If your kids want to wear their badges, similar to how scouts wear theirs, you can purchase a vest to display the badges, although this is not necessary. Like the scout program, there are Leader Handbooks, a Quest Song, instructions regarding a Flag Ceremony, etc. Clearly, you can make the program as loose or as structured as you’d like.

Quest Badges

Quest Club Pros and Cons

Pros                                                                                Cons

* Available support from Designers                                * Requires lots of hands-on time for parents or leaders

* Flexible framework to build your own club                * So many badges may be confusing

* Skills and character-based                                           

Quest Club Program Pricing

Memberships range from $29 to $60 per year, depending on the type of club you are going to create, or if you’ll be using it at home. Awards, badges, and uniforms can also be purchased on the website store, but are additional to the membership fee.

Quest Club FAQ

What does homeschool membership include?

  • Homeschool/Teacher Memberships grant a discounted license for teachers who have to purchase their own materials to use the Quest Clubs content as a curriculum supplement for all children in a single homeschool family or a single classroom.  Materials are for class use only and user names and passwords may not be shared.
  • Access to all badge and award requirements
  • Online Parent Handbook and resources
  • Free badge and award tracking program
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Access to the Quest forum

 When I join Quest Clubs, am I part of a national organization?

No.  Frontier Girls LLC sells memberships to their Quest Club website for the purpose of providing youth education materials.  Each Quest Club is independently owned and operated by individuals or organizations that have purchased a membership to the Quest Clubs website. Each club is an autonomous body operated and governed by a single individual, local non- profit organization, church, school, or business.  These groups have purchased a license to use the Quest Clubs name, logo, and materials as part of their youth programming.  Quest Clubs is a product sold by Frontier Girls LLC, a privately owned business that sells youth program materials.  We are NOT a 501(c)3 public charity.

Can we write and design our own badges?

Yes.  They do ask that you give them permission to share your badge requirements with other members of Quest Clubs as well as their sister program, Frontier Girls. You may also design your own badges by sending .jpg format graphics.  Just keep in mind that badges are only 1″ in diameter and details get lost easily when graphics are shrunk down that small.

Special thanks to our homeschool mom reviewer, Sarah Swanson.