Rhythm & Writing Homeschool Curriculum Review

Summary of Rhythm & Writing Homeschool Curriculum Review

  • Grades: K-2
  • Subjects: Handwriting
  • Category: Non-religious
  • Format: Workbooks, Cards, and Online
  • Price: Varies by product

Visit the Rhythm & Writing website here.

How to Use Rhythm & Writing in Your Homeschool

If you have a young or struggling student learning how to write, Rhythm & Writing is a method to teach the formation of letters. Created by an occupational therapist, this program uses music and repetition to educate children in writing. As the book includes pre- and post-assessments, it’s a great way to gauge how effective the program is for your student.

Rhythm & Writing Highlights

The entire Rhythm & Writing program includes:

  • Letter Recognition Cards – Uppercase Letters
  • Letter Recognition Cards – Lowercase Letters
  • Practice Writing Sheets
  • Student Workbook
  • User’s Guide
  • Website Videos with the songs for letter formation

The band that sings the songs on the website and is featured throughout the workbook is called the Get Write Crew. Its members are Hip Hop (a rapping frog), Big Country (a bear who plays guitar), Jazzy Faith (a rabbit who plays keyboard), and Mo Rock (a monkey with a mohawk who plays the drums).

Rhythm & Writing Pros and Cons


  • The simplicity of the program
  • The repetition included will help students retain the information
  • Unique songs kids will love
  • The mixture of online videos and handwriting practice


  • The entire program may not be affordable for some families

Additional Comments from Rhythm & Writing Reviewer

“I have a five-year-old son who up until this point has shown zero interest in learning his letters. He’s great with numbers, but he’s too busy being a wild adventurer to even have letters on his radar. I was so excited to receive this curriculum and see if it could get him interested in learning letters. I was not disappointed.

My son loves music and he adored the videos of the Get Write Crew. While Hip Hop and Mo Rock were his favorites, he loved all the videos and has watched them multiple times. He’s even asked to watch them at random times of the day just because he was thinking about them and had one of the songs stuck in his head.

While watching the videos, he started drawing his letters with his finger in the air and had no trouble when we sat down with a pencil and paper. He was interested in the stories that the workbook included with the letters. This entire program held his attention better than I could have hoped.

As a former Preschool teacher and now homeschool mom, I loved the unique spin the Letter Recognition Cards provided as well. One side contains a picture of something that begins with that letter, while the other side has step-by-step instructions to explain how to form that letter. I sometimes find myself at a loss for the best way to describe something simplistically so he can understand it. These cards remove any fear of that happening here.

I honestly cannot say enough good things about this program. It made teaching my son to write so much more enjoyable than he or I thought possible. I would absolutely purchase Rhythm & Writing again. If you have a child just learning to write or struggling with the concepts, give this program a try. It’s truly amazing!” – Catherine W., North Carolina