Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone
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Rosetta Stone Homeschool foreign language learning curriculum was designed with your child’s success in mind. Trusted around the world, their technology promotes long-term retention and correct pronunciation without memorization or drills. Rosetta Stone Homeschool features include:

  • An immersion method that works – Rosetta Stone teaches language the natural way—no translation required.
  • The most advanced speech technology – TruAccent® speech-recognition technology listens to, analyzes, and corrects your child’s speech throughout the learning process.
  • Enhanced reporting and monitoring tools – keep your child on track with printable reports and lesson progress data.
  • Accessible across devices and offline – your child can learn from a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. When an internet connection isn’t available, you can easily download lessons with the Audio Companion feature.

Other language-learning software programs don’t actually analyze and correct your child’s pronunciation. This feature is truly unique to Rosetta Stone. It’s like having a private tutor in your home!

While there are many things we love about Rosetta Stone, we feel the BEST part of this program is, again, the way in which it listens to, analyzes, and corrects pronunciation. The only thing better would be to have a human (who is a native speaker of the language your child is learning) do the same thing. At a fraction of the cost of a private tutor, Rosetta Stone is a one-of-a-kind program!

Grade Level: all grade levels
Parent involvement: low
Demographics: independent
Religious Alignment: none
Homeschooling Method: all
Learning styles: activities, interactive
Format: computer, tablet, or mobile phone