Science Shepherd Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

SUMMARY of Science Shepherd Homeschool Curriculum Review

  • Grades: 1-12
  • Subjects: Science
  • Category: Faith-based
  • Format: Textbook, Video, and Online options
  • Price: Varies by class and format

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How to Use Science Shepherd in Your Homeschool

Science Shepherd offers a full science curriculum for all grades, 1-12. While there are suggested courses based on grades, there is definitely a flexibility aspect that allows you to move at the speed and choose the course best for your family. As Science Shepherd is a faith-based curriculum, the courses are presented from a Biblical perspective, and whether you choose an online or DVD format, you can rest assured that through this curriculum, your child will learn what God has to say about science.

Science Shepherd Highlights

Science Shepherd courses and suggested grades for each are as follows:

If these course progressions and grade suggestions seem a bit daunting, Science Shepherd offers this blog post to help walk parents through the available options to make the best choice for their children and family.

While Science Shepherd employs online content, video lessons, and workbooks, all of their online lessons are available for a free preview here. Visit their website and preview the courses to see a bit of what they have to offer!

Science Shepherd Physical Science Review

One of our homeschooling families reviewed the Science Shepherd Physical Science Curriculum. Their response was very positive! The Physical Science course was easy to start, had a Biblical foundation, and was simple to track grades and keep up with student progress. They enjoyed it so much they are returning to this award-winning curriculum to use it again this year!

Take a minute to watch our Physical Science by Science Shepherd homeschool curriculum video review.


Science Shepherd Pros and Cons


  • Easy-to-understand curriculum for children and parents
  • Can easily be adapted to use in a homeschool co-op
  • Free previews of each online course
  • Different formats for different preferences (online or DVD)
  • Discounts for Military and Missionary families


  • As adaptable as these courses are, there are no evident cons that we found

Helpful Resources from Science Shepherd

Science Shepherd offers a number of their Creation Science curriculum resources absolutely free! The curriculum features include:

  • Explore creation & evolution in-depth with the free, 13-part Genesis Worldview class.
  • Download free lectures to learn more about natural selection and other topics.
  • The Philosophy & History of Origins (paid) is available for additional study in creation/evolution.
  • Presented from a biblical worldview.
  • Great for homeschooling families.

Grab this great resource for your family here!


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