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Early Elementary

Learn Science While Building Literacy & Math Skills!

Science4Us is an online science program for kids K-2nd Grade. It’s a program that helps you provide a solid S.T.E.M.  (science, technology, engineering and math) foundation for your kids. Plus, it teaches science while building literacy skills, which is an extra bonus.

Want to see what is taught in each grade, and review a demo or two? You can by checking out the following links –

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, I like Science4Us because –

  • The program provides over 350 online lessons, hands-on activities (using every day materials, so they’re easy to do) and worksheets on the topics of Physical, Inquiry, Life and Earth/Space Sciences (lots of variety, and subjects I wouldn’t have thought of on my own).
  • Both the teacher/parent portal and the student portal are very well organized and easy to navigate. They include GREAT instructions and are very user friendly (I just hate having to figure out a website, don’t you?). You can see the easy navigation below.
  • On the teacher’s side, I appreciate that Science4Us provides one central location to view lesson objectives and descriptions, preview upcoming material, download related extension activities, and access professional development materials. I also appreciate the suggested. time allotment for each lesson (short 30 minute lessons), and Student Reports are a breeze
  • The digital notebook is cool – for both the teacher and the student. The notebook presents an opportunity for the student to demonstrate and apply her understanding of a concept, while modeling the use of a logbook during science activities. Blank charts and graphs and multiple drawing tools provide many notebooking options.
  • On the student’s side, the student can keep track of his/her assignments and individual progress, which is always a plus. I like the Glossary, the explanation videos, and the songs that can supplement a lesson (I think combining music into a lesson is brilliant!).
  • The price is right! Only $7.95 per month per student.
  • The site offers free elementary science resources which can be found here (I love free!) –
  • Science4Us is the sister site of
  • – if you like one (all the homeschoolers I know LOVE VocabularySpellingCity), I think you’ll probably like the other. 😊

Science4Us – it’s certainly worth a try!