Spirit of Math Homeschool Curriculum Review

Summary of Spirit of Math Homeschool Curriculum Review

  • Grades: K-11
  • Subjects: Math
  • Category: Non-religious
  • Format: Online
  • Price: Varies

Visit the Spirit of Math website here.

How to Use Spirit of Math in Your Homeschool

If you have a mathematically inclined child interested in furthering their skills, Spirit of Math can do just that. With virtual and in-person classes, camps, workshops, and contests, your kids are sure to find a program they enjoy. This is a program for high-performing students. The intake criteria involves a minimum report card with a Grade of B+ or above and passing an interview. The mission of Spirit of Math is “to promote cooperation, inspire confidence, and release the genius in every child.”

They also have a Spirit of English program you can learn more about here.

Spirit of Math Highlights

Spirit of Math offers:

  • Classes – a 39-week program
  • Camps – for students in grades 2-9; topics include:
    • problem-solving
    • shape counting
    • numeracy
    • golden ratio
    • financial literacy
    • and more!
  • International Contests – open to grades 1-6 and gives students “the opportunity to prepare, apply, and showcase their knowledge on the global stage. The contest provides an opportunity for students to have fun and develop their mathematical problem-solving abilities.”
  • Workshops – provide development for students, parents, and educators

Spirit of Math Pros and Cons


  • in-person or virtual options
  • a variety of methods for exciting learning
  • Math can be a daunting subject for homeschool parents, and having a resource to help your mathematically inclined student be able to reach heights they may not otherwise reach is a definite pro!


  • Might be cost-prohibitive for some families

Available Resources from Spirit of Math

Visit the Spirit of Math Resources page for links to their podcast, Releasing the Genius!