Teaching Textbooks 4.0 Homeschool Curriculum Review

SUMMARY of Teaching Textbooks Homeschool Curriculum Review:

Grades: 3-12
Subjects: Math
Category: Not Faith-Based
Format: App with ebook/text/print options
Price: $43-$67 or family plan for $199.08

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How to Use Teaching Textbooks Math Curriculum in Your Homeschool

Teaching Textbooks is a self-grading college-prep Math curriculum that uses a spiral teaching approach. It is fun & engaging for students with little parental involvement needed. It is an app-based program compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. The purchase is for 12-month access (plus 3 months of pause time) to one level of the digital course. The app includes a printable ebook with the same lessons and problem sets as the course.  Chloe Using Teaching Textbooks Homeschool Math Curriculum

Using Teaching Textbooks 4.0 is very straightforward and easy to start. We have used Teaching Textbooks for many years in our homeschool, and this new upgrade has been amazing. Everything is now very user-friendly and easy to navigate. It is basically a download and “get started” application. So, if you order your Teaching Textbooks enrollment you should be able to start as soon as your order is processed. This is super if you are needing to get access quickly!

We use the Teaching Textbooks homeschool curriculum on a daily basis. The students log in and work through a lesson. If they have any questions I can usually help them, or we “re” listen to an explanation. Each math problem has a complete explanation so if a student gets it wrong they can review the process and hopefully gain understanding. If that doesn’t help your student and they are still struggling, Teaching Textbooks also offers math help as well.

Teaching Textbooks 4.0 Highlights

Teaching Textbooks is one of the rare homeschool curriculum gems that does everything for the homeschool parent. Specifically, each Teaching Textbook both grades AND teaches. Most homeschool math programs don’t do either and only a few do one of the two. But none grade every single problem and teach a student how to do every single problem (using multimedia step-by-step tutorials).

Parents can go into the grade book and see every lesson and every test that the student has completed. The curriculum itself is designed using the spiral approach, however, it can support mastery learning. You see, if you the parent set a grade and won’t allow the student to move on if they don’t meet or exceed that grade, you can simply delete the lesson or just a few problems and have them do it again.

Teaching Textbooks just upgraded to their 4.0 version which is now app-based. As you log in, everything is designed to appeal to students. It has a fun and friendly vibe to the colors and design and our students both agreed that it was pretty cool. In addition, the app allows students to choose “buddies” and backgrounds so they can customize their own layout.

I have spent many years as a math tutor, and I would also recommend this curriculum in lieu of a tutor, or at least try it first before you shell out big for a tutor. Teaching Textbooks is a lot more flexible than a live tutor. You can use it in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule and you rewind and replay each problem as many times as you need. So, even if you are doing a homeschool co-op math course and have a struggling student this would be a great first recourse before hiring a tutor.

Teaching Textbooks 4.0 Homeschool Curriculum Pros and Cons


  • Teaching Textbooks 4.0 is very affordableTeaching Textbooks Homeschool Math Curriculum Review
  • Teaching Textbooks does everything for math class (grades and teaches)
  • Math problems have multimedia explanations… EVERY PROBLEM!
  • Easy to use
  • Fun and motivating – when students get it right it congratulates them!
  • Students can customize their account
  • Print options if needed
  • Supports mastery learning


  • Some students may not do well with technology (there is the option to print if needed – is this really a con then?)
  • Some kids might think the buddies and backgrounds are too youthful, but they can turn them off.

Additional Comments from a Teaching Textbooks User

Both my Middle School student and my High Schooler enjoyed using this homeschool curriculum. However, my high school student has difficulties with technology and screens. Even with that, we printed lessons and tests and then used the online problem tutorials as help when I couldn’t explain things. So, even in a difficult situation, this curriculum is still outstanding.

My Middle School daughter is overcoming dyslexia and has found that Teaching Textbooks really makes math enjoyable. She’s able to do most lessons on her own and that makes her happy!

When asked about Teaching Textbooks and the new upgrade both of my students agreed that they liked the new “cool vibe” that the app has. They both enjoyed being able to change out their screens and avatars and loved the customization of the whole process. They both feel like they are understanding math better than they have before.

As a parent, I would highly recommend this homeschool math curriculum. It really takes the work out of teaching the more difficult levels of math. I’m not worried about it, and it makes it fun and enjoyable so the student no longer fears math either!

~Jamie G. product reviewer