Universal Driver’s Ed Course Homeschool Curriculum Review

Did you know?

  • 1 out of 2 teens crash in the first 6 months of driving–this statistic has not changed by 0.5% in the last 50 years
  • 77% of teen crashes involve avoidable driver errors
  • 17 American teens lose their lives every day in car crashes

DriveSafeRideSafe shares these stats because their goal is not just to help your child pass the driving test, but more importantly, to help your child “become a well-trained, safe, and defensive driving machine”. Like that goal!

To achieve this goal, veteran Accident Investigator and Professional Driving Instructor, Mike Pehl provides effective teaching methods and easy-to-follow demonstrations in his course.

The following lessons covered in the DVD include–

  1. Setting the Ground Rules
  2. The Safety Checklist
  3. The First Time in Gear
  4. The First Road Trip
  5. Fine Tune the Basics
  6. Head Out on the Freeway
  7. Master the Country Roads
  8. Keep it Moving
  9. Parallel Parking & 90 Degree Back-Up
  10. Defensive Driving
  11. License Day
  12. Start Early & Never Stop

Advantages of the product include–

  • The online course contains advice that is smart, to the point, and information you may not be aware of.
  • The drive safe blog contains helpful information, especially regarding driving in inclement weather. The videos by teens for teens–certainly of interest!
  • You can preview lessons before you purchase the video. This is a nice plus.
  • Course has a 100% guarantee–another great plus. In fact, they state, “If anybody ever buys our course and believes they didn’t learn ANYTHING helpful or new, we will sincerely, promptly & cheerfully refund their money, and congratulate them. That hasn’t happened yet.”