The Good and The Beautiful Homeschool Product Review


  • Grades: K-12th
  • Subjects: All subjects
  • Category: Faith-Based
  • Format: Traditional, Literature-Based
  • Price: Paid

Visit The Good and The Beautiful here.

What’s Included in The Good and The Beautiful Homeschool Curriculum

TGTB isn’t just a literature curriculum. This homeschool curriculum is for all grades, is Christian based, and emphasizes literature study. However, in the younger grades there is an integration of math and science where as in the older grades students are covering mainly literature, geography, art, composition, spelling, and vocabulary. The Good and The Beautiful is just that, it is beautifully laid out. For those of you who are looking for a free homeschool curriculum, TGTB also offers their lower grades as free downloadable pdfs. Yes, seriously, you heard that right. You can head to their site and download printable versions of the curriculum for free.


Things We Love About The Good and The Beautiful Homeschool Curriculum

  • Emphasizes family, God, high character, nature, and wholesome literature
  • Requires no daily prep time—just open the book and follow the instructions, learning and exploring along with your child
  • Family Style – History, Science, & Electives
  • Combines multiple subjects, which connects learning and eliminates the need for six to seven different courses
  • A thorough phonics reading program creates excellent readers
  • Thorough and advanced courses leave no gaps

Pros and Cons about The Good and The Beautiful:


  • The curriculum is affordable and easy to start
  • The curriculum is literature-based so it gets and keeps the kids reading
  • The language arts curriculum incorporates many subjects
  • Studies are easily combinable with several children
  • Promotes independent learning, encouraging students to plan their studies (high school)


  • It is completely text-based, some may find this a con (we didn’t)

Ways to Use The Good and The Beautiful Homeschool Curriculum

We used The Good and The Beautiful for Middle School and High School and found that the curriculum was very enjoyable and really encouraged my children to read more (one of our weaknesses). It is beautifully designed and structured. We were able to move into an independent learning rhythm with this curriculum and my students were able to schedule their own studies throughout each book they studied. We loved that geography and art was integrated throughout. The art was a nice creative reprieve from typical study. We used this curriculum in conjunction with other math and science homeschooling curriculum.


Student Comment about The Good and The Beautiful

“This was our first year using The Good and The Beautiful for Middle School Literature study. I enjoyed reading the book about Abraham Lincoln and studying him in more detail. I liked how this course used art as part of the study because I got to draw during literature class.” Chloe ~ GA