Thinkstretch Homeschool Curriculum Review


Thinkstretch Homeschool CurriculumThe ThinkStretch Summer Program helps prevent summer learning loss and keeps students engaged in learning all summer long. It can be used by homeschoolers that homeschool year-round, and by those that take a break of some kind during the summer months.

The ThinkStretch Summer Program includes–

Workbooks–each workbook contains 8 weekly lessons plus summer bonus activities. The weekly lessons include a:

1. Reading log

2. Writing activity

3. Math worksheets

4. Bonus activity

The ThinkStretch character Brain animates each workbook with a unique story drawn in the margins.  The humor of Brain’s adventures keeps students engaged and entertained as they complete the summer review.

Bound in durable, full-color covers, the workbooks travel well and survive a long summer of sand, ice cream, and heat!

You can peek inside each grade book and download a sample book as well by clicking on this link.

Parent’s Guide to Summer— the Parent’s Guide to Summer gives parents the support they need to select “just right” books for their child, practice math at home, and have new adventures.

The Parent’s Guide includes

1. Answer keys for math workbook pages

2. Reading activities for all reading levels

3. Writing tips to help your student

4. “Parent Share” for new summer ideas

5. Math games to play at home

6. Much more…

For more parent support, you can visit Just For Parents.

Regarding the Medals and Awards Ceremony – parents are encouraged to have a Fall Award Ceremony, where students who completed their books receive a gold medal! Silver and bronze medals are awarded for partially completed work.

A ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program Kit containing a grade-specific workbook, a Parent’s Guide to Summer, and a gold medal costs just $20 per student, which includes shipping to the home. What a deal, for all you get! And what a great idea – to keep learning a year-long process! We love this idea and this product!