Turtle Diary Homeschool Curriculum Review

Turtle Diary Homeschool CurriculumTurtle Diary is a free site that makes learning fun for little ones (pre-K-3rd grade) by providing online games and activities, videos, stories, and more. There are over 1,000+ activities to choose from (wow!). All of the Turtle Diary offerings are created by a team of educators and child psychology experts – they ensure the content is both enriching and fun (I appreciate that).

The online games and activities cover a wide array of subjects including math, science, language, social studies, creativity, and logic. They are categorized by subject, by topic, and by grade–it’s easy to find just what you want. The activities provide a fun and easy way for kids to develop a comprehensive understanding of concepts in the above-stated areas.

The online educational videos span the subjects of science, math, and English, and are categorized by subject and by grade. Kids love videos—they’re great for visual learners. Really, I don’t know a child that doesn’t like videos!

The short stories are both fictional and non-fictional (I like that they’re both). They have a definite beginning, middle, and end with story elements such as problems and solutions, cause and effect, and much more. The stories are available for various reading levels. This allows for differentiation of instruction and adapting different texts to different readers.

Turtle Diary also offers printable worksheets. I like this option. The worksheets include coloring sheets, number and letter writing worksheets, and counting worksheets for all grades. They’re good for at-home and on the go.

In addition to the above, the site also offers Arts and Crafts (which I like!). The online craft activities include online coloring pages, finger puppets, papercraft activities, themed crafts, origami, etc.

Really, I like everything that Turtle Diary offers.

I can use it in my homeschooling endeavors – and you can use it in yours.