Uplifting Education Homeschool Review


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UpliftingEducation.net offers interactive online resources that can be utilized for virtual education, homeschooling, flex and blended learning, summer and after-school enrichment, and more.

The following is included in the Complete Uplifting Education Enrollment —

  • An initial discussion to assess the parent’s educational objectives, the student’s learning style, and levels, and the year’s academic goals.
  • A tutor was assigned to the family to monitor student progress. The tutor recommends appropriate courses and adjusts individualized courses as needed or on a monthly basis.
  • Access to an interactive online curriculum for levels K-12 from:
  • Compass Learning Odyssey
  • Renzulli Learning System
  • World and I School / World and I Kids
  • Discovering the Real Me Curriculum
  • A Student Course Management Portal which includes weekly goals for each course. You can set up your own specific daily assignment due dates for all your courses on one interactive calendar. Then, your upcoming personalized due dates for all your courses will post each day on your home student portal. The portal gives parents access to their children’s updates, grades, and reports as well.
  • Assessments and learning paths are available to replace the regular K‐8 language arts and math courses. They diagnose and provide immediate feedback on student progress toward mastery of objectives and then automatically prescribe the appropriate learning path containing learning activities for remediation, reinforcement, and enrichment. Students are automatically assigned activities related to the objectives they did not master.  Assessments with learning paths are also available for GED test preparation and College Readiness in English, Math, and Science.
  • Worksheet answers and planning/recording guides.
  • Parenting and Teaching Resources are available on the Community Forum, in articles from the World and I subscription, in the Parent Renzulli Program, in the Compass Learning Odyssey, and on the BrainPop Educators’ site.
  • Detailed Scope and Sequences so parents or students can easily find particular topics in Compass Learning Odyssey.
  • Additional online High School programs and activities with an assortment of online and offline resources to complement the Compass Learning Odyssey.
  • Official transcripts are available for any completed course including parent-led courses utilizing any of the Uplifting Education programs or offline resources. Transcripts include grades based on the automatically generated reports and/or parent input. Credits and grades can be based on mastery, time, and/or testing.
  • High school and middle school diplomas are granted per request for any student completing a minimum of one year’s worth of credits from Uplifting Education enrollment and the required number of credits in each subject required for graduation. Credits for courses done offline or before Uplifting Education enrollment must be approved based on the parents’ records and input.
  • The Community Forum provides friendships, support, encouragement, ideas, resources, and collaboration. Enrolled families have access to a part of the forum that’s available for discussions among enrolled families only.

UpliftingEducation.net is different from other distance programs you might be familiar with–just take a look at their logo and description below (the info below is taken directly from their website)–

Uplifting Education Homeschool Logo

The Logo

The four leaves represent openness, the sprouting of abundance, optimism, and balance. The heart represents both the development of heart within each person and the HEART theme of Uplifting Education:

Help and support, expansion of the mind and heart, academic excellence, the realization of unique genius, and training of the heart.

The diamond represents the preciousness of each child. Diamonds are the symbol of innocence and constancy. A polished diamond is a shining gem.

High electives, writing support, and AP Courses are available with the Complete Academic Enrollment.

Check out ALL (there are many) Uplifting Education offers–and see if you believe UpliftingEducation.net stands apart from other distance programs. We were certainly impressed.