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VocabularySpellingCity helps students in grades K-12 build their vocabulary/increase their reading comprehension. The website and app do this by providing:


  • Thousands of Word Lists

There are thousands of word lists on the site, searchable by subject and grade level. They can be paired with VocabularySpellingCity’s interactive learning games and free printable worksheets.

Also, users can make/add their own lists.

  • Educational and Fun Games and Activities

The games provide an opportunity for kids to read, hear, speak, and write words; see words broken down into syllables and sounds; and learn how they are used in the context of sentences. This helps build fluency in reading and writing.

  • Auditory

Words and sentences are read aloud on the VocabularySpellingCity website to help aid correct pronunciation and again, to help kids understand words in context.

  • Words in Print

The site builds print awareness (most of the games have printable counterparts). This helps students to visually identify words.

Also, users can print out any word list as a handwriting worksheet. You can customize worksheets to practice D’Nealian font, cursive, sign language, print, and more options, as well as align for either left- or right-handed students.

  • Writing Practice

The site provides writing practice activities so students have plenty of opportunities to use their spelling and vocabulary words in the context of sentences, and develop understanding of word relationships and meanings. 


In addition to all of the above, we really like the following:
The games and activities are designed to benefit students at all skill and study levels: they work for advanced, mainstream, struggling, and Special Ed students.

The games and activities are fun, interactive, and appealing. See examples below.


A vocabulary list

A flashcard for one of the vocabulary words


A game for one of the words on the list

A vocabulary test


The games provide immediate feedback. This helps kids learn independently and build confidence in their abilities.

This is a convenient way to learn — kids can learn at home, or on the go. (I love this — my kids can study while waiting for their doctors’ appointments!) They can log in on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

VocabularySpellingCity provides Teaching Resources pages — free lesson plan ideas and supplemental materials in all subject areas and grade levels. Wow, that’s great!

Your kids’ activities, progress, scores, and missed words are recorded, providing you with easily accessible information to use in your homeschool activities. This makes your follow-up a breeze.

The site offers free and premium memberships. You can sign up for free here. Family memberships are just $29.99 annually, for up to five students. That’s quite a deal. Also, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee — I’m a fan of guarantees.

We’ve included a graphic below to show the differences between the free and premium options.



The FAQs on the site offer text and video guides to help you make the most of your VocabularySpellingCity membership, should you decide to purchase one.

As you can see, there’s a lot to like about VocabularySpelling City!

As a side note, you might want to check out Science4Us, a sister site of VocabularySpellingCity. Science4Us provides an elementary core science curriculum specifically for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. The program supports homeschoolers and provides student activities both online and offline. Here’s a product review of Science4Us.