Wings to Soar Homeschool Curriculum Review

SUMMARY of Wings to Soar Homeschool Curriculum Review

  • Grades: K-12
  • Subjects: All
  • Category: Non-Religious
  • Format: Online
  • Price: Packages are custom via an assessment.

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How to Use Wings to Soar in Your Homeschool

Wings to Soar helps special needs students see the flip-side strengths that often go along with their different brain wiring. Founded by Beth Ellen Nash, Wings to Soar was established to help dyslexics and other outside-the-box learners break the chains of shame, failure, and inadequacy that so often surround learning challenges. In 2011, Beth Ellen shifted toward an individualized online and homeschool hybrid option and founded Wings to Soar Online Academy, specializing in the creation of custom Path to Success™ Personalized Learning Plans for dyslexics and other outside-the-box learners for kindergarten through 12th grade.

Wings to Soar Online Academy helps dyslexics and other struggling students through online personalize learning programs. This program is excellent for special needs students. They have a free Just-Right level Assessment that you can try for free. Wings to Soar will take the learning concerns that are indicated on the assessment to create a customized set of assessments for your child. This is the first step in creating their individual learning plan that will address their specific needs.

Wings to Soar Highlights

  • Convenient online and homeschooling hybrid platform
  • Personalized learning program
  • Designed with special needs students in mind
  • Works on student strengths to help them succeed

Wings to Soar offers not only individual language arts and reading programs but also self-paced video-based courses. At the middle and high school level, they also offer teacher-led small-group (4-8 students per group) webcam classes for writing intervention, as well as  Integrated Liberal Studies courses that weave together social studies, literature, composition, and study skills.

Wings to Soar Pros and Cons


  • Convenient online, hybrid platform
  • Excellent for special needs
  • Comprehensive academy on all subjects.


  • May not be ideal for students who have difficulty learning on a computer.
  • May be expensive for the special needs help
  • The course program could feel too rigorous, inflexible, or structured.

Additional Comments from Wings to Soar Users

“Wings to Soar teachers are excellent at discerning specific areas of challenge for each student and both encouraging and challenging their students to greater life and academic success. My daughter’s perception of school went from completely overwhelming to “hard but possible”. Her teacher’s personal guidance and feedback were key to her willingness to attempt assignments, realize success, and grow in confidence.” – Karen T.

“Wings to Soar Online Academy addresses learners a conventional classroom can’t or won’t. If schools were represented by muffin tins – neat, orderly and uniform in their output – Wings to Soar better resembles a potter’s wheel. Wings to Soar evaluates our son’s strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, personality, and creates a holistic approach to his education. Definitely not a cookie-cutter approach to education! Wings to Soar sees our son like we do, as a masterpiece in progress!” – Clayton and Shannon G.