WORD Force Homeschool Curriculum Review

Summary of WORD Force Homeschool Curriculum Review

Grades: K-3
Subjects: Phonics/Reading
Category: Non-Religious
Format: App
Price: Free!

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How to Use WORD Force in Your Homeschool

WORD Force is an interactive, fun, and educational learning app designed to help children learning to read. As your child walks through the levels, they will love the games and silly characters, gather confidence in their phonics and reading skills as the storyline progresses, and they’ll have fun while learning!

Teaching children to read can sometimes be a daunting task for homeschool parents because we know it’s such a big deal – they’ll be reading for the rest of their lives! Resources like WORD Force make it easier for kids to learn and parents to breathe. Download the app for FREE from Google Play or the Apple App Store and let the learning begin!

WORD Force Highlights

WORD Force teaches and reinforces necessary reading concepts, such as:

  • Phonological awareness – rhyming (cat, sat)
  • Phonics skills – alphabet letters sounds
  • Spelling words – putting letters together to make words like cat, sock, bike, and rain
  • Vocabulary – learning and using common words
  • Reading comprehension – understanding the meaning of stories

WORD Force Pros and Cons

Pros:Word Force Reading Game for Homeschoolers

  • Fun characters, games, and storyline
  • Teaches reading concepts in an exciting way
  • It’s free!


  • Requires screen time

Additional Comments from WORD Force Reviewer

“My son is 5-years-old and loves all things numbers and counting, but has resisted every method I’ve tried to get him excited to learn letters and their sounds. I’ve gotten other apps that many have used with good success, but he has not liked them at all, certainly not enough to stick with them long enough to learn from them.

I downloaded WORD Force and I honestly expected of more of the same. To my pleasant surprise, he loves it! I couldn’t be happier to be wrong. He loves the rhyming games. He’s been enjoying pointing out rhyming words lately, so to have this game where he can feel like he’s succeeding I think has made the difference. He’s been asking to play “that reading game” on my phone, and I’m all too happy to hand it over.

The only thing I wish I could change is that I can’t get it on his tablet (an Amazon Fire for kids). If it were available in that app store, I would be thrilled, but if that’s the only thing to complain about, that’s pretty good. I’m excited to see how my son’s phonics skills progress with WORD Force. It’s a great app, and it’s FREE! What parent doesn’t love free?! If you have a child learning to read, it’s definitely worth a download!” – Catherine W., North Carolina