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American School


$175 - $4000

American School offers accredited middle school and high school courses at an affordable cost.  Students may complete full years of middle school or high school and ultimately earn an accredited high school diploma, or... more

Universal Class

Yearly Subscription/Tuition

Why not learn something new today? Universal Class™ offers hundreds of affordable online CE classes facilitated by dedicated instructors sharing their knowledge on almost any imaginable topic. Universal... more

State History and GodStrong Coaching by A Helping Hand


State and US History/Geography for Age 4 – Grade 12!  We provide complete State History courses from a Christian perspective for each state for Grades 3-12.  Six-week course, expandable, with one-semester option... more
Faith Based

Career Test

By: Triangle Education Assessments


For older students, it can be helpful to take a course on interest exploration for potential suitable careers. This package offers career guidance to help students learn what interests them most and to make educated... more

Art of Eloquence Communication Curriculum

By: Art of Eloquence

One-Time Payment (Materials)

Art of Eloquence teaches communication skills from a Biblical perspective. The earlier your child learns good communication, the easier it will be able to incorporate it into their lives, and the more successful they'll... more
Faith Based

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum

By: Paradigm Accelerated

One-Time Payment (Materials)

An alternative to traditional education consists of textbooks in small units, with multiple subjects available. With PAC, students can truly go to school anytime, anywhere. The independent learning format of this... more

Miami Private Tutoring

By: Parliament Tutors


Private tutoring and test preparation in Miami Beach. Parliament Tutors is committed to helping students meet their academic and career goals. They offer first-rate academic tutoring services, covering all subjects from... more

Psychological Tests

By: 123 Test


This website offers a variety of free psychological tests such as personality tests, IQ tests, career tests, team roles, work values, and more.... more

Insight School of Washington


Insight is an accredited, tuition-free public school online option, specializing in the needs of struggling students. An individualized learning plan is developed using evaluations, interests, and career aspirations and... more

iUniversity Prep


iUniversity Prep is an online public school option for Texas residents in grades 5-12. A flexible and inspiring learning environment, strong parental involvement, and engaging instructors prepare students to be college... more

South Carolina Connections Academy


South Carolina Connections Academy is a tuition-free K-12 online public school for students across South Carolina. Lessons are a blend of structure and self-paced learning, and use the best online and offline resources.... more

Cyber Academy of South Carolina


Cyber Academy a a full-time, online public school option using the K12 curriculum. It offers an individualized education experience and engaging courses featuring traditional core subjects plus art, music, world... more