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A description from Cross Country for Youth:

Our mission is to impact the lives of youth with skills to run cross country and to live healthy lives with character. (CCFY) is a unique fitness program that introduces young people to cross-country training, character-building, nutrition concepts, and social-emotional training to develop the whole person. Cross Country For Youth focuses on helping children learn to run cross country and live healthy lives with character. In fulfilling that mission, we are addressing the two most important components of a child’s development at the most vulnerable time in their lives.  We’re addressing their need for great health and great character.

Our program is for ages 8-14, grades 3-5, and grades 6-8. Our program costs $150 per child, however, scholarships are provided! In our 15 years, we have never denied a child a scholarship. We have offered the program to kids as low as $15 due to our scholarship process.
Through our Email Marketing Campaign, each student can participate in our Virtual Program through the distribution of videos and communications that will be made available to students to download for use at home.

Our program is unique because we don’t just cross country train. We give kids critical character development components, nutrition education, and social and emotional education.
With our virtual program, kids are given weekly videos where they receive instructions from coaches. Participants then download that video and see how to complete their ‘workout for the week,’ The character messages and activities will include a key message which will be presented by a young adult. Examples of the messages include discipline, sportsmanship, perseverance, commitment, courage, teamwork, integrity, leadership, respect, and responsibility.

In the nutrition education, we will be covering the main parts of the MyPlate icon (fruits and vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy) as well as the importance of healthy eating.
Social and emotional education was recently added as a way to help kids not feel so isolated due to COVID-19. We teach them mental health coping mechanisms to make them an even more well-rounded individual! In our social-emotional education, we use six evidence-based areas of focus to promote positive mental health. Thoughts, Healthy Thinking Habits, Resilience, Identity, Values, Emotion Regulation. Mental Health is best thought of as having a positive view of yourself, the world, and others.

As for our cross-country training portion of the virtual program, runners will gradually build their fitness base and will have training experiences that will promote health, teamwork and improve their overall physical condition. They will also be prepared for cross-country competitions.

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