Excavating Adventures


Excavating Adventures is a remarkable and free educational program tailor-made for homeschooling students. Our platform offers an array of captivating Earth Science-themed adventures, each designed to provide an enriching learning experience. What sets Excavating Adventures apart is the unbeatable combination of education and excitement it offers.

Students can explore these adventures, embarking on quests that serve as engaging, short lessons aligned with their chosen theme. As they journey through these quests, they accumulate points, unlocking the opportunity to receive free Mystery Dig Kits. These kits are a treasure trove of real rocks, minerals, fossils, and more, transforming learning into a hands-on adventure.

Best of all, Excavating Adventures is completely free! It’s an invaluable homeschooling resource that not only educates but also rewards. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore Earth Science in a unique, interactive way, all while receiving free dig kits packed with wonders waiting to be discovered.

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  • Science


  • 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade
  • 3rd Grade
  • 4th Grade
  • 5th Grade


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Non-Faith Based


Price: Free - $18.99/monthly subscription