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From the website: “Learning, the GoConqr way.

GoConqr values ambition, passion and action. By combining cutting-edge technology with best practice, our mission is to become the leading global platform for digital learning content in order to democratise education and empower both educators and learners to reach their full potential.

We know that real learning should be immersive, and we believe that with the right tools everyone can create great learning content. We also believe that learners can achieve more by working together than they can alone.

That is why GoConqr is a social learning platform that combines the benefits of powerful learning tools with the support of an active community.

Our success is built on developing an active learning community that creates and shares quality learning content. The more you use GoConqr, the more we get to know your learning requirements and how we can best meet them.

That is why our tools and technologies continue to evolve – because we know that’s what our users do. It means that your learning journey is our learning journey too.”

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  • 7th Grade
  • 8th Grade
  • 9th Grade
  • 10th Grade
  • 11th Grade
  • 12th Grade


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Non-Faith Based


Student Led Traditional
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