Institute for Excellence in Writing


IEW gives parents the structure and the tools they need to:

  • teach their students to write well
  • think clearly
  • express themselves eloquently and persuasively
    Wow! How great is that!?

Regarding the IEW courses–

The DVD format provides helpful information for the teacher. In the DVDs, Andrew Pudewa shows parents how to put his methods into practice (it turns out, it’s quite easy!).
The student DVDs (optional, but recommended) provide additional support and modeling for you and for your students.
The student materials contain all the source texts, checklists, and assignments that are needed for the course (making it easy for everyone). Student materials include model paragraphs, stories, and report source texts so your students can focus on the how of writing rather than on the what of writing.
Students are taught note taking skills, how to write paragraphs, stories, essays, reports, critiques, and how to write creatively.
Stylistic techniques are taught as well.
Information is taught incrementally to help students move from the basics into more independent, sophisticated writing.
It’s easy to use IEW courses year after year—so there’s no need to shop and switch curriculum. Your students can just move to the next level. That’s a plus!

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    • 7th Grade
    • 8th Grade
    • 9th Grade
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