KaiPod Learning


KaiPod Learning operates small-group learning pods for homeschoolers in grades 3-12.

Our pods provide homeschoolers with a place to work on their academic program, socialize with peers, and participate in personalized enrichment activities, all supported by an experienced educator.

Why join KaiPod:

  • Bring your homeschool program: Your child can keep the curriculum that works best for them and get academic support from our Learning Coaches
  • In-person socialization: Our pods are safe spaces where kids can learn, have fun, and make friends.
  • Tailored enrichment activities: Kids get to participate in daily enrichments led by their Learning Coaches. We do art, games, STEM, Science and so much more!
  • Hyper flexible plans: Choose from flexible 2, 3, and 5-day plans
  • Learning Coaches as your partner: Our pods are led by qualified educators who are dedicated to supporting your child’s growth and are committed partners in your homeschooling journey.

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    • 3rd Grade
    • 4th Grade
    • 5th Grade
    • 6th Grade
    • 7th Grade
    • 8th Grade
    • 9th Grade
    • 10th Grade
    • 11th Grade
    • 12th Grade


    Multiple Formats


    Non-Faith Based


    Price: varies