Light Blue Series

By: Math Mammoth


Math Mammoth uses two workbooks, A and B, each covering half of the year. For grades 1-7. The curriculum is mastery-based and is focused on conceptual understanding, with an emphasis on mental math and number sense. Some topics studied are addition and subtraction, place value, and geometric shapes. All instruction is in the workbooks along with exercises- there is no teacher’s manual, and very little teacher prep is required. Tests, cumulative reviews, and answer keys are also available. Math Mammoth can be purchased as a digital download, on CD or as printed books in color or black and white. Internet resources are also offered for extra practice.

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  • Math


  • 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade
  • 3rd Grade
  • 4th Grade
  • 5th Grade
  • 6th Grade
  • 7th Grade


Multiple Formats


Non-Faith Based


Price: $15-50