State History and GodStrong Coaching by A Helping Hand


State and US History/Geography for Age 4 – Grade 12!  We provide complete State History courses from a Christian perspective for each state for Grades 3-12.  Six-week course, expandable, with one-semester option (teacher-directed or independent study).  Students make a project notebook using text and state symbol pictures we provide. We also offer a color-cut-paste Funbook for age 4-grade 2, correlated!  OR study all fifty states in statehood order, while learning US History/Geography using our Fifty States Under God (two levels, correlated, age 4 – grade 12, includes color state symbol pictures for all fifty states) and Geography of the Fifty States (grades 3-12). Fun, easy, hands-on, open-and-go!  NEW PRODUCT in 2020:  GodStrong Coaching!  Our GodStrong Strengths Resume package is designed to assist high school students as they plan for life after graduation by giving them an understanding of their top five areas of talent and how to apply this knowledge to their future career choices!  Visit www. state history. net to see our history curriculum options and all our coaching options.

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  • History
  • Social Studies


  • Pre-K - 12th Grade






Traditional Unit Studies
Price: $15-$40