2019 Virtual Homeschool Conference



We all know transition can be intimidating. Whether the change you need is a brand new start with homeschooling or a homeschool curriculum switch, we’re here to help you find the information you require! Our homeschool virtual conference sponsored by a partnership with A2Z Home’s Cool.com will give you a chance to explore curriculum providers, see what they have to offer in our virtual exhibit hall, and engage with others just like you. Veteran homeschoolers and homeschool curriculum experts alike join together in a homeschool virtual conference dedicated to helping you make the sanity-saving changes that will re-inspire your homeschool!

  • Experienced homeschool experts giving amazing speaker sessions!
  • Super-fun learning sessions just for kids!
  • Vendor booths that give you a chance to explore, discuss, and try out new options!


Click Below to View the Videos from the Virtual Homeschooling Conference

Mom and Me Preschool: Learning without worksheets or screen time
Karen Meyer is a lifelong educator committed to helping parents of preschoolers become their child’s best and most important teachers. Karen ’s innovative ideas became the foundation for Get Ready 4 Kindergarten’s award-winning preschool-at-home programs. Karen gives parents the tools and resources to build the learning environment all young children need to succeed.

Building Blocks: How Young Children Learn




Rebecca Kochenderfer:What To Do When Your Curriculum isn’t Working!

Join the co-founder of Homeschool.com as she shares some essential tips for rescuing your homeschool year.



Learn How to Design, Build, and Create the World of Tomorrow
Wayne Kroeplin – Join Mr. K as he explains why every student should learn how to be an innovator and find their passion before they get out of school.  As an award-winning Technology and Engineering Education instructor, W
ayne will introduce you to Innovator’s Tribe, explain why it was created and give an overview of what is included in each course.  As you watch the session, you may just find the best fit for your students!  



Learn to Draw from a former Disney animator
Chad Stewart, from The Animation Course, is going to demonstrate a portion of his drawing class. He has been privileged to teach over 1400 students in the last few years about the wonder of art and wants to share it with you.

Intro and the Drawing Course

Solid Drawing and Staging



Online Teletherapy: Improving Access and Quality of Special Education Services
Kris Krajewski is a licensed certified Speech/Language Pathologist with 27 years of experience in a variety of settings, including hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home health, clinics, and schools.  Her areas of special interest include improving communication skills in early intervention, Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Dyslexia, and foreign and regional accent modification.   She has gained experience in delivering services through teletherapy, providing speech/language therapy services online to schools and to individual clients with a variety of ages and needs. Kris is a proud native of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  She graduated with her B.S. in Audiology and Speech Sciences from Michigan State University and her M.S. in Communicative Disorders from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She currently resides in White Lake, Michigan with her husband of 31 years. Kris has 3 extraordinary children and is an avid rescue mom for retired racing greyhounds.

The Five W’s of Teletherapy


Never be at a Loss for Words: Fun and Games with Phonics & Vocabulary
Marsha Ganz, M.Ed. and Maria Lowenstein, M.Ed. believe teaching and learning should be fun and they seek to promote this mindset through their work. Marsha and Maria are literacy specialists at VocabularySpellingCity, an award-winning company dedicated to helping K-12 students build vocabulary and reading comprehension. Both women have master’s degrees in Elementary Education with a combined 40+ years of experience in education, including time spent as classroom teachers, district literacy specialists, instructional coaches, and writers and developers of online professional development courses for teacher re-certification. Their lively presentation will engage your children and provide you with strategies you can use immediately




Pat Farenga: Tired of School at Home? Try Unschooling
John Holt coined the term unschooling in 1977 because he felt learning doesn’t have to take place at home or duplicate school. This introduction to unschooling describes how to live and learn with your children without turning your home into a miniature school.




Mid-Year Homeschooling Transition Q&A Session W/ Homeschooling Moms!
Making The Homeschooling Switch? Join Time4Learning’s homeschooling moms, Christina Stiles and Katie Shuler, in a Q&A session as they answer common questions from a new and experienced homeschooling perspective. Bonus, have your kids join for a fun game of “Who wants to be a homeschooler” with Ed Mouse!





Math: You Can Get a Do-Over
Is math a sore spot for your homeschooler (and you)? Learn how implementing Larry Shiller’s 2Cs and 4 lesson outcomes can turn your math frown upside down today. This mind-shift could make all the difference for your struggling learner.

Learn How to Get a Math Do-Over