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Guest contributor post. Just as people get the “winter blues" it is also possible to get the “homeschool blues", and it often happens during the wintertime.  We lose focus of our homeschool…

The unschooling method is based on the teachings of John Holt. Holt was a modern educator and author who came up with the word: Unschooling. He pinpointed problems with the traditional school…

Guest post contributed by Jennifer Hughes Hand exercises help children develop coordination, strength, and dexterity in the hand muscles to be able to play the piano well. Learning to play…

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Homeschooling and Loving It Issue 39: Don’t Quit February!

Do you feel it? The dark winter months, the cold and flu season, the repetitiveness of the winter... it is difficult! But don’t give in, don’t quit! Read on to find out why we declare this month, “Don’t Quit February!”

African-American History: Unit Study Resources

The African Americans who helped shape this country into what it is today are a vital part of history study. As part of our African American History Month celebration, we wanted to take a closer look at some of the most beloved of those individuals.

Homeschooling and Loving It! Issue 38

This month's issue is all about Taking Inventory of Your Homeschool! Be sure to watch our video and grab our handy infographic designed to help you work through assessing yourself easily!

The Top 100 Educational Resources in 2020!

The Top 100 is a list of homeschool websites and resources that have been approved and nominated by the homeschool community! Read on to discover more!