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Enter the Montessori Preschool App Giveaway! Children are sponges, aren’t they?  Parents know young kids absorb absolutely everything, good or bad.  This is why the preschool years are…

Listen now: Episode 6 Tips for Buying Homeschool Curriculum Are you trying to wade through all the details of getting your homeschool ready for the new year? I know - I get it! I feel your…

Why use Scripture Writing? New to Scripture writing? It’s a great way to incorporate copy work or cursive writing practice into your homeschool, or to add an extra dimension to your daily…

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Homeschooling & Loving It! Issue 31 Technology

Computer science is an ever-growing employment field and one that we would do well to help our children learn. However, as with anything positive there is always a negative. Keeping our children safe should be a primary concern of every parent using technology. Grab our useful tips this month and enjoy technology without fear!

Homeschooling and Loving It! – Issue 30

Summer is almost here and it’s time to make a few decisions… will we be total slugs all summer or will we plan a little super fun summer learning? Hmm… difficult question for sure ‘cuz we all like to be slugs now and again… Don’t forget that learning a foreign language is perfect for summer […]

101 Things To Do This Summer

As much as your kids will tell you they can't wait for summer, the words "I'm bored," inevitably cross their lips – sometimes sooner than you think! While children do enjoy the freedom that comes with the summer months, they still like to have a little structure to their fun

Homeschooling and Loving It! Issue 29

Most of us have been there before, trying to learn math that just flies right over our heads. But, truly grasping and understanding math concepts can be so elusive even when the curriculum is super. I’ve found that using fun and engaging ways to teach math in our homeschool is a great way to awaken […]