Four Things a Beginner
Needs to Know

"Honestly, I knew nothing about homeschooling before I jumped into it. Thanks to the info on, my children's education and my life are back under control."

- Sandy H, Florida

4 Things for Beginners

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How to Start Homeschool Mid-Year

How to Homeschool and Start Today! Did you know that nearly 40% of homeschoolers started homeschooling in the middle of a school year?   Hello!…

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Printable Full-Year Homeschool Calendar

Every homeschool needs organization. The first step to making an organized plan and keeping things running smoothly in your homeschool is…

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Public School to Homeschool Mid-Year Transition Guide

 You may have recently made the monumental decision to homeschool. Kudos! It's a great time to start your homeschooling adventure. Many…

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How to Choose Homeschool Curriculum

How To Choose Homeschool Curriculum We know choosing a homeschool curriculum that fits both your child’s learning and homeschooling style…

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Homeschool Mom Tips

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JANUARY 14, 2021

Homeschool Lapbook Tips for Anytime of the Year

To break or not to break - that is the homeschooling question of the season! By not taking a break, you may finish the school year sooner. However, If you do take a break from your usual studies,…

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JANUARY 12, 2021

Beyond Academics: Teaching Your Kids Essential Life Skills

Basic high school education is important. Classes like math and English, science, and nutrition all help to create well-rounded students. They can also pave the way for successful higher education…

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JANUARY 11, 2021

On the Fence? Watch this Video Intro on Homeschooling

Class Dismissed is a Documentary on Homeschooling. All across America, parents are becoming increasingly uncertain with the state of public education. The current situation with our educational…

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JANUARY 5, 2021

Dealing with Homeschool Behavior Issues

We've asked homeschool moms about the challenges they are facing. This series addresses their questions with solutions from experienced homeschool moms that have been there and found a way out!    It’s…

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