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Jump into September's installment of the Friday Freebie series! We've pretty much all gotten back into our homeschool academics by now, and things should be settling into a nice rhythm. I don't…

This post sponsored by Time4Learning Check out the FREE HOMESCHOOL STEM FAIR for this Fall! Incorporating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills in your homeschool is…

We need You! Do you love finding relevant resources that help you in the daily homeschool "nitty-gritty?" Well, we love providing them for you! But we need to know what you want! What is…

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Homeschooling and Loving It – Issue 34

Homeschooling Gives Hope for Those with Unique Abilities I’ve had the privilege to speak with many mothers of special needs children over the past few months. The stories that I’ve heard are amazing. Each one is unique but each has a similar theme… Homeschooling gave them hope to reach their child’s unique and individual potential. […]

How to Modify Curriculum for Special Needs

With an abundance of homeschool curriculum, the absence of a curriculum that meets the unique needs of students with special requirements stands out. Find tips to modify curriculum to meet those unique needs.

Back to Homeschool Launch Kit!

It's Back to Homeschool - and we have some great resources for you! A curated collection of some of our best tips, printables, and resources to help you make this back to homeschool the best ever!

Back to Homeschool Curriculum Awards 2019!

Sponsored by Accelerate Online Academy Thanks to everyone that participated in this year’s Back to Homeschool Curriculum Awards! Not sure if what’s on your “to buy” list is really an “A list” curriculum? You and thousands of other homeschoolers are feeling it! This is why we’ve developed the Back to Homeschool Curriculum Awards process. Every […]