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How to Homeschool High School Math

Homeschooling math is easier with the resources available today, specifically for struggling students! Read on for how to homeschool high school math.

Channie’s English and Math

“Channie’s is known for visual learning materials to make learning and teaching easy and fun for teachers, parents, and most importantly, kids. Quick improvement is often reported by teachers and parents alike with children’s handwriting and for quickly building a better and more solid math foundation.”

Math Mammoth

“The aim of my books is first and foremost to explain math in very simple terms, yet rigorously, concentrating on helping students understand the actual concepts of math. I use visual models and exercises based on them a lot because they are pretty much equivalent to using manipulatives, and help children understand how math works. After working with […]

Mastering Mathematics

“We want to help your child reach his/her maximum educational potential with the quality curriculum they deserve. So whether you are home schooling, supplementing your child’s public school education, or trying to remediate your child’s learning gaps, we thank you for visiting Mastery Publications. We hope to earn the privilege of helping you build a […]

Saxon Math

“To master mathematics, students need to build on prior learning—what new concepts they can learn depends on which concepts they already know. Saxon Math™ provides a learning structure proven to advance students steadily and assuredly to higher levels of understanding.”

Dive into Math and Science

Many students struggle with learning all their lessons for the week in one day. This curriculum contains a revolutionary way of teaching by using digital whiteboard lectures recorded on CD-ROM. Students now view their lectures for each lesson at home, with the added bonus of pausing, rewinding, and fast-forwarding the lecture. DIVE Into Math was […]