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How to Homeschool Math

Worried about teaching math? Do you secretly loathe it? Homeschooling math doesn’t have to be stressful! Check out our top tips for teaching math.

Singapore Math

The Singapore math method is a highly effective teaching approach originally developed by Singapore’s Ministry of Education for Singapore public schools. The method has been widely adopted in various forms around the world over the past twenty years following our introduction of the curriculum to the U.S. in 1998

Learn Math Fast

A Math curriculum that allows you to start over from the beginning and learn math in about two years.  The older you are, the faster you’ll learn!

Help Math

HELP Math is the leading research proven online, math intervention program in the U.S. that addresses the specific issues of teaching mathematics to English Language Learners (ELLs), students with special needs, and all students struggling to achieve math mastery.

ThemeVille Math

Daily lessons focusing on one concept at a time​ Daily review/practice of the previous lessons for the retention of knowledge Daily routine is divided equally between the review and the new topic Interplay between spiral and mastery formats Visual learning with insightful pictures Kinesthetic learning with manipulatives Concise and clear instructions to the teacher New concepts are introduced gradually […]

Splash Math

The Complete K-5 Math Learning Program Built for Your Child Boost Confidence. Increase Scores. Get Ahead.

Math Without Borders

The Math Without Borders, Inc. Home Study Companion series provides a complete high school math experience for homeschoolers by supplementing the best classic high school math textbooks (Foerster for the algebra sequence and Chakerian, Crabill, and Stein, for geometry) with solid teaching by an experienced teacher.  All courses are now available for immediate digital download.


Textbook solutions and Mathleaks E-courses, all in one app. Integrated with our solutions, Mathleaks E-courses can be used as stand-alone curriculum or as a supplement to your textbook

Adapted Mind Math

Our K-6 curriculum is research-based, common core aligned, and comprehensive – with over 300,000 math problems and explanations. But even better, students will feel like they’re playing a game.


Teach math facts accurately quickly and effortlessly with fun games, practice and reporting. Time4MathFacts boosts skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Perfect as a homeschool supplement to math curriculum for 2nd-5th grade.