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5 Math Tips for the Gifted Learner

Guest post by Kimberly Smith     Having a gifted learner can be a blessing as well as a challenge.  A blessing because your child is mastering a skill quickly.  And, a challenge because you as a parent are struggling to keep them engaged on the subject.  One of the biggest concerns is that a gifted learner […]

Connecting Math with Literature in our Homeschool

It's common to group people into two categories: those who love literature and those who love math. However, in homeschooling, we've noticed ways that literature skills can actually help improve math skills and vice versa!

8 Fun Ways to Teach Math

Math is not the easiest subject to teach, regardless of grade level. Still, there are plenty of ways to make elementary math FUN and ENGAGING and we are here to share them!

Maximizing Your Child’s Math Skills

Sponsored post by Strong math skills are crucial in the emerging job market. It’s no coincidence that educators and business professionals focus on the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) when they’re discussing the need for future qualified employees in what is now labeled the “Information Age.” And at the core of […]

Singapore Math Learning Center

Singapore Math Learning Center offers individual online tutoring and online classes to those interested in using the Singapore Mathematics method.

CTC Math

CTC Math is a full math curriculum for grades K through 12th and is not aligned with Common Core. CTC Math believes in the importance of teaching Math the traditional way.

Growing Lessons in Math

Kids’ Gardens: Growing Lessons In Math To learn more about math today, kids don’t have to board a bus to school or look at a chalkboard filled with numbers. Instead, they can venture outside to start a garden. Gardens are a great way for parents to enhance their children’s math skills. Growing plants can serve […]


TOTALLY MEDIEVAL: THE EPIC MATH ADVENTURE is the first math game of its kind and we know you will love it. It’s a mixture of Chess, math, and the Medieval times. We are trying to change a culture that gaming has to be all about make-believe and removing ourselves from reality, but instead, we can use it to learn and grow while simply having fun.