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Wholesome Book Lists – Early Reader

When teaching younger students to read, one of the best things you can do for them is read aloud to them and with them. A recent study (2015) showed that reading aloud is far superior in building literacy skills than simply talking to children. With so many options available, how do you separate quality literature […]

Wholesome Books List – Middle School

In previous posts, we brought you lists of wholesome books for Early Elementary and Elementary lists. This time we’re heading to focus on our middle school students! (For a printable version of the following list, please click the image at the bottom of this post.) Sixth Grade: Dear Mr. Henshaw – This novel deals with […]

Wholesome Books List – Elementary

Last month, we talked about how important reading aloud is to children. Since the focus in that post was early readers, this month we wanted to provide you with a list suitable for children to read independently or to have read to them. These are some great titles, and all are wholesome. Perfect for elementary-aged […]

Summer Reading Tips + Printable

Are you searching for a way to enjoy the summer, keep it fun, yet still be productive? We're here to help you do just that! Grab's summer reading challenge!

How to Teach Homeschool Language Arts

Are you a new homeschooler? Or, are you looking for Language Arts inspiration? In this article, we’ll discuss everything about how to teach Language Arts!

Top Back to Homeschool Resources 2016

Over the last month, staff have researched different homeschooling products, curriculum, websites, and fun books, to come up with's Top Back to Homeschool Resources. Please take a moment to review the chosen companies (listed alphabetically below)—as they've been named the best of the best!’s Top 100 Educational Websites 2013

Every year, asks our Product Testers to send us a list of their favorite educational websites. We take this information, research the sites, and turn this raw information into a newsletter that we can share with our readers. As always, most of the recommended sites are free--but a few commercial sites are spattered in as well--they are just too good to omit--and our readers did recommend them. Hope you enjoy our Top 100 Educational Websites for 2013!