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Wholesome Book Lists – Early Reader

One of the most effective strategies for building literacy in young children is reading aloud to them. But what books are worth reading? Here's a helpful list!

Wholesome Books List – Middle School

In previous posts, we brought you lists of wholesome books for Early Elementary and Elementary lists. This time we’re heading to focus on our middle school students! (For a printable version of the following list, please click the image at the bottom of this post.) Sixth Grade: Dear Mr. Henshaw – This novel deals with […]

Wholesome Books List – Elementary

Last month, we talked about how important reading aloud is to children. Since the focus in that post was early readers, this month we wanted to provide you with a list suitable for children to read independently or to have read to them. These are some great titles, and all are wholesome. Perfect for elementary-aged […]

Summer Reading Tips & Printable

Are you searching for a way to enjoy summer, have fun, and still be productive? We're here to help! Grab's printable summer reading challenge!

Share Literature With Your Teenager

Why is the study of high school literature so important? Of course, we want our children to be well read, and hopefully to enjoy reading in general. But at the high school level, perhaps reading is secondary to the resulting thought processes. When a student reads, a student also thinks. The critical and creative thought processes, discussions, and debates that result when a student and teacher analyze and interpret a piece of literature are boundless. Doing this within the family unit allows the parents the ability to interject their feeling, beliefs, values and ideas, making the entire process a learning and bonding experience. Following, are suggestions that will make this process an enjoyable one for you and your family.

Spotlight On: Finding Your Best Fit Literature Curriculum

One large advantage to homeschooling is that you have the ability to choose common curriculum options that best suit your student’s needs. Whether it’s math, science, history/social studies, or literature, you can choose programs and supplements that accurately fit your student’s learning styles. While this is true in all subject areas, this month we’re turning […]