Your Guide to Homeschool Book Lists For All Ages

One keystone of homeschooling is reading. In fact, many parents feel that reading is the most important subject to teach because it opens the door to learning anything else. Indeed, once your child is past learning to read, the real fun begins! Thanks to mainstream motivation from sources such as Goodreads and Kindle, you can find reading lists for all ages abound online. Surely, you’ll find our reading lists in this article, conveniently divided by age group.

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Books for Preschool and Kindergarten

Obviously, preschool and kindergarten are some of the most formative years of childhood. Even if you hadn’t considered teaching your preschooler to read you can add books to your day. First, your child can start learning the foundations, such as letters and letter sounds. As progress toward kindergarten, reading skills are essential. Even if your child cannot fully read yet that is okay.  In short aim for them to have an understanding of reading fundamentals, then they will be prepared for success in the next year.

Here are reading-related articles for preschoolers and kindergartners. This list focuses more on teaching and reading readiness than actual book lists since this age group is learning the basics.

Books for Elementary School

Books for elementary students offer a great chance to curate a love of reading, and more importantly, also a love of learning. However, an elementary fiction book list can have immense variety, ranging anywhere from lighthearted fiction to educational fiction. Meanwhile, educational books for kids are often written about nature, the environment, animals, the weather, and such. Additionally, there are plenty of books for elementary students that focus on teaching consideration for others, wholesome values, and even an introduction to other cultures. In short, there is a lot out there for your homeschoolers! 

The following is a culmination of our best book lists for elementary students!Homeschool Reading Lists for All Ages and Grades

Books for Middle School

Middle school reading lists are fun since they embody the transition between elementary and high school. Of course, the books are a bit more advanced in both reading level and content, and yet they still maintain the pressure-free spirit of elementary school. Books for middle school often feature important character values and pop culture-based fiction, but they also begin to incorporate deeper concepts in educational fiction to help prepare for high school. In particular, books for middle schoolers are filled with adventure, exploration, and an impending sense of growth. Whether you are looking for books for preteens or books for teens, middle school books can cater to both groups.

Navigate through these links to view all of our favorite middle school book lists!

Books for High School

Books for high schoolers are all about giving teens an introduction to the fundamental classics in literature. In reality, a high school reading list usually focuses on the cornerstones of world literature. Topics such as Greek mythology and legends, Shakespeare, Austen, Dickens, Bronte, and more. High school reading lists should also include plenty of short stories, poetry, ancient works, and high-quality modern books.

As far as educational reading goes, books for teens are a great way to give your student an understanding of these pieces outside of literature courses. With a solid, varied mix of literature, your high schooler will be well-prepared for college English classes.