The Moore Homeschooling Formula

Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore are professionals known around the world; he for reorganizing colleges and universities and for establishing highly-successful work-study programs; she as a world-class curriculum and reading authority; and both as child specialists who shared in the founding of modern homeschooling.

Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore are affectionately known as the “Grandparents of the homeschooling movement.” They have been involved with homeschooling for 55 years. Some of their successes include The Moore Formula which has produced an unusual number of scholarships. Nevertheless, the Moore Formula dignifies curricula that lead to manual skills – mechanics, farmers, etc. – kids who can earn a living.

Let’s Ask the Moores about their Homeschooling Method

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some of the successes you’ve had with “The Moore Formula?”
A: The Moore Academy is truly international (our “Moore Report International” is now published in 71 countries). The Moore Academy uses the Moore Formula to tailor the curriculum to each child, balancing study with work and service which teaches how to earn a living. It is high in basic skills – science, math, and language. It builds character and creativity.

Q: What is The Moore Formula?
A: The Moore Formula is based on Moore’s world-class research that gave birth to the homeschool movement. It is customized to each child’s interests, aptitudes and abilities and based on unit or project work. The Moore formula is divided into three parts:

1)  STUDY — from a few minutes to several hours a day, depending on the child’s maturity. Readiness is vital!

2)  MANUAL WORK and ENTREPRENEURSHIP — at least as much work in family or other business as a study.

3)  HOME and/or COMMUNITY SERVICE — an hour or so a day. Focus on kids’ interests and needs. Be an example in consistency, curiosity, and patience.

This is all done through the Moore Academy by master teachers who take responsibility for your success.

Q: Why the emphasis on manual labor and entrepreneurship?
It is the most practical, productive and refined discipline tool. It awards authority (freedom) equal to the ability to accept responsibility. Few problems with these kids!

Q: Why the emphasis on service?
A: Because selfless service is a cornerstone of character.

Q: Why do you think colleges are so attracted to students who combine study, work, and service?
A: They are balanced, mature leaders. Harvard calls them “a luxury.”

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