Summertime Survival Guide & Planner

Worried about summer learning loss? We are too, which is why we adjust our normal homeschooling schedule in the summer to create exciting and fun learning activities. You can keep the summer slide away too! Get started by having a clear-cut plan for summer learning.

The Summertime Survival Guide Planner

Want to get the most out of the book? Use the Summertime Survival Guide Planner to work through the book and formulate your plan as you go!  This planner lays everything out for you for the months of June through August (and even includes a small back-to-school section!) and shows how to implement everything you read in the book.

Move from “concept” to “action” with the Summertime Survival Guide for Parents Daily Planner. From Roadschooling ideas to creating home learning centers, this planner has it all. AND, for a limited time, it’s available as a FREE Planner download right now! Find the book download below!

The Summertime Survival Guide Book (Register Below)

That’s where’s book The Summertime Survival Guide comes in handy! This book:

  • Teaches you how to develop your child’s special interests and talents.
  • Shows you how to save money on summer camp and shows you how to create your own summer day camp.
  • Helps you turn torturously long car trips into creativity time.