Is It Too Late to Change Homeschool Curriculum?

Curriculum Corner
Issue 20

“Is It Too Late to Change Curriculum?”
by’s Rebecca Kochenderfer

After a long, harsh winter, you’re likely looking forward to embracing a season where you don’t have to bundle up just to step outside for a minute! Spring is a time for growth and rejuvenation. In some cases, it’s also a time to change the curriculum you’ve been using this year. But, is it too late? Are you stuck with something you don’t like until next school year?
Reasons You May Need a Change

While there are several reasons a family may feel the need to change curriculum, you may think that reason isn’t “good enough” to justify not using something you spent good money.
 Here are some of the most common reasons homeschoolers give for changing curriculum:

  • You need to change your style or method. As the saying goes, when you know better; you do better. At the outset of your homeschooling journey, you might have only been aware of 1-2 programs. Fast forward about six months and you probably know of several more. If one of those new (to you) methods piques your interest and you think your students would do better using it, change!
  • It’s taking up too much time. The amount of time it takes to homeschool will vary based on the ages of your children and their levels of independence. That said, it should certainly get less time-consuming (not more) as they advance grade levels. If this isn’t the case, it might be time to consider something that takes up less of your time.
  • School “never” happens. You’re homeschooling for a reason (or hundreds…), but if you don’t find yourself doing much “school” at all, it may be because the curriculum you’re using is overwhelming you. Get out from the entrapment by changing curriculum.
  • Your children aren’t actually learning (or retaining) anything. The purpose of educating our children is to teach them and for them to learn. If learning isn’t taking place, that could be a sign that your curriculum isn’t doing your family any justice. When that happens, it’s time to find something new – regardless of what time of year it is.

How Do You Decide?
It’s almost never “too late” to make a curriculum change if that’s what will benefit your family the most. You may regret that you spent money on what ended up not working, but homeschooling should be flexible. If you figure out that something doesn’t work, change to something that does work well for your family. In many cases, “spring break” is actually a great time to make the change because you can spend the break preparing for the new program you’re going to use.


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