50 Summer Homeschooling Printable Activities

Take a look through our HUGE list of free homeschool printables. Cut down on your kid’s screen this summer and get ready for some awesome kid activities using these free printable resources. Of course, they include educational printables, worksheets, writing prompts, and tools to keep you organized and to keep your kids busy this summer! Indeed, these free summer printables are just what you need to entertain your kids on a hot summer day or maybe even on a rainy summer day. In fact, they are a great way to keep the “Mom, I’m bored” at bay. 

Printable Kid Activities for Summer Fun

  1. Summer Reading Challenge Printable & Contest– Are you searching for a way to enjoy the summer, keep it fun, yet still be productive? Look here! 
  2. Teaching Character Series: Wisdom, Compassion, Contentment, printable pack.
  3. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids- Get outside with this free printable outdoor scavenger hunt for kids created for backyards and gardens. 
  4. Summer Reading Printable Packet– What better way to kick off summer—and encourage your children to read—than with this Summer Reading Printable Packet! 
  5. 120 Summer IdeasFun Things to Do in the Summer with the Kids
  6. Kids Summer ChecklistA “to do” list to keep kids busy!
  7. A Fun Summer Reading Log for Kids: Free Printable
  8. Summer Screen Time Rules Printable
  9. Free Summer Bucket List Printable Coloring Page to plan all of your summer bucket list ideas!
  10. At-Home Summer Camp Activities for Kids
  11. Learn How to Draw a Cat! – Work on your drawing skills by following these simple steps!
  12. Free Printables Hello Summer Bingo Cards
  13. Free Summer Printables– Get your free summer printables here to keep kids busy during summer break and having fun. 
  14. Scavenger Hunt for Zoom (FREE Printable for Kids)- Play online with friends or family with this free printable scavenger hunt for zoom, skype or whatsapp and stay connected no matter how far apart you are.
  15. Boredom Buster JarsMake a set of boredom buster jars with the free editable template.
  16. Free Printable Summer-Themed I Spy Coloring Pages- Looking for some fun activities for your little ones this summer? Grab these free I Spy coloring pages! 
  17. Pre-K Summer Packet
  18. Summer Bucket List- Here’s a list of 50 Summer Bucket List ideas for you and the kids to do and keep them occupied.
  19. Summer Screen Time Rules– Summer break is here and that means little ones using computers, tablets, and smartphones more often. Download this checklist to help keep your kid’s screen time in check this Summer.
  20. Simon Says Ideas- 50+ Simon Says Ideas for kids. Easy ideas for toddlers and older kids! Free printable pdf included with the list of the Simon Says actions.
  21. summer fun worksheetsOutdoor Scavenger Hunt- Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for camping or a nature walk PLUS a S’mores Printable to make your outing extra special!
  22. Free Printable Summer Schedule for Kids– Create a Summer schedule for your kids and set up a perfect routine that includes their chores, homework, and playtime. It’s super simple with these free printables!
  23. A Whole Bunch Of Summer Printables –Hot sunny weather, free time, vacations and a bunch of Free Summer Printables will surely keep your kids busy during this sunny season. ​
  24. Free Printable Summer Reading Log Summer reading is fun! This post has a free printable summer reading log and printable bookmarks to color that are summer-themed. 
  25. Free – Summer Activity Printable –Keep your kids engaged with this free summer activity printable that has fun summer-themed games and handwriting practice. 
  26. Summer Printable for Kids Download a free summer printable for kids that will guide them in reading, writing, and math learning. 
  27. Flower Potato Stamping Craft and The Tiny Seed Free Printables- Children can paint a flower and learn with our free printable summer tracing worksheets for preschool or toddlers. Easy to download and print. Perfect summer boredom busters.
  28.  Make your own mini-books- This is a perfect activity for spring or summer. 
  29. FREE Summer Kids Activity Sheets- print these FREE Summer Kids Activity Sheets so you will be ready for doctors’ offices, road trips, or rainy days. You can thank us later!
  30. Summer tracing worksheets for preschoolers – Free printable summer tracing worksheets for preschool or toddlers. Easy to download and print. Simply put, perfect summer boredom busters.
  31. {Free} Summer Math Calendars for Grades K-5 Don’t let the Summer slide cause learning loss for your kids. In fact, keep up their math skills and keep their brains sharp with these simple Summer math calendars!
  32. Free End of the Year Memory BookEngaging end-of-the-year activities for your kids!
  33. Water Safety– Of course, summer months mean lots of swimming. And swimming can lead to dangerous situations. Go over water safety with your children to stay safe!
  34. A Whole Bunch Of Summer Printables – 
  35. 18 Educational Tracing Activities for Kids– Learning and fun. Help your kids prepare for school with tracing activities that teach letters, numbers, shapes, sizes, and seasons.
  36. Free Ocean Printable Matching Game For Preschoolers
  37. Summer gross motor movement game {free printable} 
  38. FREE Printable Math Worksheets for Preschool and Every Elementary Grade
  39. Make A Writing Jar – (Plus 101 Prompts to Fill it!)
  40. Motivational Mandala Teen Coloring Sheets
  41. Summer Journal for Teens and Tweens – Looking for fun summer activities or summer journaling pages for teens and tweens?
  42. 60 Family Conversation Starters (Free Printable)
  43. Would You Rather Questions for Kids– Would you rather questions for kids are a great way to make dinner time more fun. In addition, these free printable “would you rather” questions will engage your kids too.
  44. Indoor Scavenger Hunt– Indoor Scavenger Hunt Indeed, if you’re stuck indoors with the kids, it’s always good to have a few Rainy Day Ideas up your sleeve. 
  45. Summer Learning Collections – Year Round Homeschooling
  46. Summer Reading Bingo Challenge for Kids
  47. 65 Indoor Activities for Kids to do Independently on a Rainy Day
  48. Summer Bucket List BINGO
  49. The Ultimate No Spend or Low Spend Bored Jar list
  50. The ultimate list of the best family night ideas