Homeschooling Tips for Beginners

Making the decision to take control of your children’s education can seem overwhelming. More and more families are making the decision to homeschool. Today more than three million children are being taught at home – by parents just like you.

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Homeschooling Doesn’t Have to Be School-at-Home

Among the most important in our homeschooling tips is the reminder to make it your own. Creating a school-at-home environment is a very popular choice among new homeschoolers.  After all, if your experience with education is based solely on a public or private school, it’s hard to imagine homeschooling any other way. It’s easy to think that’s how schooling simply has to be since that’s how the “professionals” do it. And so, you create a schoolroom with dedicated desks, cubbies, and a whiteboard.  You’ll choose a strict starting time and consider when to schedule recess. Pretty soon, your homeschool has turned into a school-at-home.

For some homeschoolers, this works well and they enjoy the structure.  However, school-at-home can limit the freedom of homeschooling. One of the many benefits of homeschooling is the ability to learn wherever and at any time.  Your homeschoolers can study on the couch, in bed, outside, or in the car! They can learn in the morning, late afternoon, or even at night if that is what works best for your family.  Oftentimes, homeschooling parents find themselves lost and frustrated when they try to mirror their homeschools after traditional schools. When researching tips for successful homeschooling, we’d say this is probably one of the biggest traps in which new homeschoolers fall.

Our homeschooling for beginners Resource Guide will help you find the materials you need to start your homeschool journey into a shared experience of learning and discovery with your child.

Tailor Your Homeschool Style to Fit Your Child’s Needs

Every child has different interests, learning styles, and needs. With homeschooling, you can individualize your education plan for each of your children. Once you are aware of your child’s learning style, you can begin to tailor your homeschool resources and methods to how they learn best. Consequently, this customized approach allows for your homeschoolers to study effectively. In regard to homeschooling tips for beginners, if we could only share one suggestion, this would be it! 

Additionally, consider anything your child enjoys or finds fascinating. How can you incorporate those elements into your home instruction? For example, if you have a technology-loving kiddo, perhaps utilize that enjoyment with a digital core curriculum or electives.  Including elements of fascination for our children, whether as resources, classes, electives, and so on, can add dimension and depth to their homeschooling experience, as well as help them feel engaged.

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Yes, You Can Homeschool a Special Needs Child

Special needs can feel like a different world of parenting altogether.  It has its own amazing moments, as well as its own struggles. If you have found yourself evaluating your child’s education choices and wondering whether homeschooling would be a good fit, you’re in the right place.  Or, perhaps this is your first time genuinely reading an article about the possibilities of homeschooling your special needs child. Either way, regardless of whether this is the first time you’ve considered homeschooling, or the fiftieth post you’ve read, we want to help put your anxiety at ease. Learn more with our resources!

When deciding to homeschool a special needs child, it can be helpful to choose a curriculum with the core subjects included.  An online homeschool program like Time4Learning, a Certified Autism Resource, can be especially helpful as an all-in-one solution. With included lesson plans, automated grading, and a ready-to-go program, there’s no need to fear learning gaps or missed topics.  Instead, you can focus on the most important part: helping your special needs student learn at their own level and pace and in an environment most suitable for their success. For more information and homeschooling tips for beginners, consider visiting this online curriculum webpage about homeschooling a special needs student.

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