Avoid Homeschool Chaos

This morning we’ve had one catastrophic event after another, from the dogs running through the mud to greet the FEDEX and UPS men and needing baths TWICE, to the oven going out, and then the internet not working. In fact, all of these wonderful things (a.k.a. chaos) got us really behind with our homeschool studies…

Ever have days like mine? Of course, because chaos is a natural part of life. Yet, understanding that we always have a choice on how we react to the crazy is what makes all the difference.

The holidays are typically full of busy interruptions of all types and sizes. Yet, there are two ways we can view these crazy disruptions to our homeschool day.

  • We can get upset because things haven’t gone as planned. We can stress ourselves and the kids out and then get frustrated because no one wants to learn about algae and dinoflagellates now!
  • OR We can go with the flow. Think of a way to use the interruption as a teaching moment, and reschedule that Biology lesson for later in the day or week.

Don’t stress over making changes, adjusting, or taking a break. Sometimes that is exactly what is needed at the moment!

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