Get Your Free Homeschool ID Card for Discounts!

You’ve started your homeschool journey and you have the basics covered, but have you thought about a homeschool ID card?  There are a lot of perks to having Homeschool ID Cards from discounts to freebies!

Teacher Homeschool ID Card

You are homeschooling! Show off your title as a homeschool teacher proudly. In fact, your homeschool ID card can unlock some untapped homeschooling powers that you might not have known you have! Check out these possible homeschool teacher power perks.

  • Homeschool Discounts:  Did you know that different participating locations offer discounted items? From time to time, you will find places that are willing to help homeschoolers with the cost of homeschooling. So, while you are out and about shopping for homeschool items, ask the customer service desk if they provide any discounts. Specifically, it is beneficial to ask at bookstores, art stores, and office supply stores as these stores are the most common types to offer homeschool discounts.

homeschool id discountsSome places that have given me homeschool discounts in the past are:

    • Barnes & Noble
    • Books-A-Million
    • Dell Computers For Students
    • Jo-Ann’s Fabrics & Crafts
    • Michaels
    • Staples

Ultimately, it never hurts to ask, especially if you can possibly save money!


  • Proof of Homeschooling: If you need to show you are homeschooling, a homeschool ID might help with that. Not all places that ask for proof will count these, but it can make life easier for those that do!

Child ID Card

A teacher ID, sure, but what about a student ID? Are there any reasons to make your homeschool student’s an ID card? Yes, in addition to teacher cards, making your homeschooler their own ID can be very useful!

  • Student Discounts: The homeschool teacher isn’t the only one who can get discounts. Likewise, some locations will provide student deals on items. There may also be student entertainment discounts for plays and concerts. And, most commonly, cheaper admission to things like sporting events, zoos, theme parks, and learning centers for homeschoolers. If you see a student pricing sign, that is your cue to show your homeschool student’s ID and ask!


  • Photo ID: There might be a few times when your younger homeschoolers need an ID card but don’t have a license yet. If you include a picture on your homeschool ID, some locations will also use this as a photo child ID.


  • For Fun: Having an ID can be just for fun. It is a keepsake of your homeschool year that your homeschoolers can look back fondly on and show to their friends.

Homeschool ID Card Discounts And Freebies

Discount Id Getting a homeschool ID might be pretty straightforward, depending on where and how you homeschool. Some homeschool programs and support groups can provide homeschool student and teacher ID cards or offer ID card discounts to have yours made. So check with your homeschooling program and any homeschool support group, homeschool association, or umbrella school that you use.

Free Homeschool ID Card

Want a free homeschool ID card? We have you covered here at Make your own homeschool ID with this fillable PDF below. First, click to edit and download your ID cards. Want to add a photo?  Print a 1-inch by 1-inch square photo and attach it with glue or tape over the house logo. Then laminate your card for durability.

(Editable PDF link here)

No printer, or you don’t want to make your own. That’s okay! Some places will do all the work for you for a little bit of money. Check out these customized packages with different lanyards, covers, and a personalized ID badge from Custom Lanyard.

While you can homeschool without a homeschool ID, getting one has many perks. With the resources listed above, you can have the perfect homeschool ID created just for you and your homeschoolers.

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