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What is a High School Grade Point Average?

First off, what exactly is meant by a “grade point average”? A GPA is a standard way used to measure academic achievement in the United States. Every course is given a certain amount of “units” or “credits”, based on the content of the course. Most high school classes carry the same amount of units. GPA assumes that the grading scale is A, B, C, D, F, with each grade assigned a certain number of points.


Why is the High School GPA so important?

This is a very good question! A student’s GPA is a good indicator of how hard a student has worked and how much they know. It will also show where their strengths and weaknesses are and if they need extra help before continuing to more advanced classes. A student’s GPA can affect their success when applying for colleges or even their prospects when looking for work after high school graduation. 


Calculating a High School GPA

Are you homeschooling a high schooler or looking into future plans for your middle school homeschooler? Figuring out your student’s high school GPA is an important step when creating a homeschool high school transcript, especially if your student plans on continuing on to college. While it’s not an easy process you can do it! It is imperative from the start to make sure that you stay on top of keeping these records instead of putting it off to the last minute. 


Let’s Get Ready for Those High School Transcripts

Knowing your homeschool high schooler’s GPA will be essential information when you homeschool high school that is needed when creating a report card, portfolio, or transcripts for your high school student. This downloadable guide and worksheet will walk you through the steps of calculating a homeschool high school GPA while you homeschool the high school years! 

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