Earn College Credit

Earn College Credits with CLEP testing!

One of the best ways to earn college credits that are budget-friendly is by CLEP testing. Officially termed the College Level Examination Program and run by the College Board, the CLEP tests have subject-specific tests that a student can take for college credit. These tests offer anywhere from 3 – 12 college credits per test. Here’s a simple rundown of the process!

  • Study the material. There are online study helps or you can purchase the College Board book on CLEP testing and study for the test that you plan to take. If you are taking a very challenging course in high school this would be ideal! Study a bit more and you can get college credit for those high school studies!
  • Make sure that you’ve checked with your future college to be clear on what/how many CLEP tests they will accept.
  • Go to the college board website and find a testing center near you.
  • Find test dates that work with our schedule
  • Go and take the test.
  • Let your credits sit in the bank until you head off to college!
  • Once you’ve been accepted and a student in good standing, ask to transfer those credits over. You may have to ask them to specifically apply the credit to certain required course blocks. Many times colleges will just want to add them as electives, but with a few questions, you’ll get consideration for what you need!

Note – some colleges do not accept CLEP credit if the student took the test prior to age 16.