Digital Homeschool Organization Complete Kit

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to tame the paper tiger of record-keeping in your homeschool look no further! Digital Homeschool Organization is here.

Indeed, our new digital homeschool organization kit is sure to bring a smile to those homeschoolers who love to keep track of everything using technology.

Our Digital Homeschool Organization Kit includes:

  • Curriculum Budget Planner (with auto calculations and pie chart)
  • Weekly Planner (with meal planner)
  • Homeschool Attendance Record
  • Grade Book with auto calculations and customizable grading key
  • Homeschool Report Card
  • Goals and Objectives Planner

DIRECTIONS – First, register. Then click download. The kit will open in GOOGLE.  Lastly, you will then click MAKE A COPY. digital homeschool report card

Discover the Digital Homeschool Organization Kit today!


Digital Homeschool Organization Budget Planner

Of course, everyone wants to get a clear picture of what it will cost to homeschool. Use this digital homeschool budget planner to help figure out the accurate cost of all your homeschool student’s curriculum and supply needs. First, enter your information watch the spreadsheet. This will create a beautiful pie chart that lets you understand at a glance where your dollars are going.

Free Digital Weekly Planner (with meal planner)

Indeed, creating a plan is an essential key to a successful homeschool week. But everyone enjoys different levels of planning. One family might work well simply using a sticky note on the page they finish in each textbook, while others prefer a more detailed form of planning. This digital version of our weekly planner helps you plan by subject what you expect to do each day of the week. There is also a place for a simple meal plan at the edge of the weekly homeschool plan. This helps keep everything on one plan and simplifies homeschooling and home planning!Digital Homeschool Report Card

Digital Homeschool Organization Attendance Record

Of course, taking attendance is required in some states in the U.S. This form makes it very simple to record with an X those days that you weren’t able to do school. If this form is needed by your local school district you can simply print this page of the workbook.

Free Digital Homeschool Grade Book

Simply put, this grade book isn’t fancy, but it allows you to customize your grading scale and enter grades that are calculated into an average immediately. Even more, this saves loads of time and enables you to see your homeschool student’s grades at a glance!

Free Homeschool Goals and Objectives Planning Worksheet

As we mentioned before, some homeschool families enjoy a more detailed method of planning. Indeed, this often includes the creation of homeschool goals and objectives. As those are created we typically start with the more broad goals or yearly goals and work down to smaller increments of time. I like to plan my big monthly goals and then I use those to divide into the weekly homeschool goals that I put into the weekly homeschool planner.

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