Do you “Fear the Plan?”

Planning. Just the thought is enough to raise my stress levels! Procrastination looks better and better the more I think about planning.  For those of you who also procrastinate planning your homeschool year, I get it! It’s a lot of work. A lot of time. When you barely have time to make meals or wash your hair, how can you find time to plan?

I remember making the biggest mess by taking the need to plan for granted. I had what I believe was shock from a previous year of the most detailed, extravagant, planned-out homeschool ever…and I swung to the opposite extreme. And, I mean swung…

Yep, a giant Tarzan swing right into oblivion…  No goals… No plan… And guess what? It was our worst homeschool year ever. But, that red-letter year taught me a LOT!

Please, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you need to spend a boatload of time planning.  What I am saying is just – make a plan for your homeschool. A plan that works for you. The plan should never “run” your homeschool, but it should support your efforts and your purpose. Consider your homeschool plan like the framework of a roller coaster ride — it keeps you on track, but the unexpected thrill of the ride remains.

Homeschool Planning, It’s Okay to Keep It Simple

Really, I spend very little time planning because  – I HATE it. 

Yes, you heard that right — the school teacher turned college professor/homeschool mom hates planning?  Yep!

BUT…I KNOW from my experience (read: dismal failure) that I NEED a plan.  I need a target to shoot for. Trust me, my homeschool planning is simple and straightforward. Nothing fancy. But, it gives us a goal and end game so to speak. 

Curious as to what my plan is? Listen to our recent video on my planning process and snag a sample of my homeschool planner here!

A Road Trip With a Destination (But Also Plenty of Unexpected Adventures)

When you have a plan for a new homeschool year, it’s like asking Siri for directions to a place you’ve never been.  Even though the route may be unfamiliar, it’s still easy to get there when you have the guidance of navigation directing you where to go next.  However, what you do on that path is your business. You can use any method to get there, but where you’re at in the end is what is so vitally important!

Not sure about your homeschool method either? Determining that can help you plan fall in place much easier! First, take our Homeschool Methods Quiz to get an idea of what you lean toward. Then dig a little deeper. If you aren’t sure about those methods…we’ll be discussing those methods and how to implement them each Thursday this month in our Homeschool Methods Podcast Series! Listen to the first podcast on Montessori, Reggio, and the Moore Formula by clicking below.

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Let’s kick procrastination to the curb and get this planning accomplished! If you have a question you can always snag me on FB, IG or even email me at [email protected]