5 Reasons to Continue Homeschooling Through High School

Many parents, even some who have confidently homeschooled through the elementary grades, wonder if they should send their child to a traditional school for high school. Some are concerned about the challenge of teaching higher-level courses. Others consider social issues, such as sports, prom, and graduation. This is a personal decision that must be considered by individual families, but here are 5 reasons to try high school homeschool.

5 Reasons to Try High School Homeschool


1. Academics.

Statistically, homeschool students score higher on college entrance exams such as the ACT. Many universities actively recruit homeschoolers, as they know they are independent learners who will take their education seriously.  What about those higher-level courses that scare some parents, such as chemistry or physics?  Join a homeschool co-op that offers such courses, or take advantage of the many online homeschool programs for high school .

2. Apprenticeships.

High school homeschooling allows students to explore their interests to determine a future career.  Flexible scheduling makes it possible to set up apprenticeships or internships in the student’s fields of interest. Better to decide that you don’t want to be a veterinarian after an internship than after many (expensive) years of college! Apprenticeships and internships, as well as job shadowing, can help a student who is not yet sure which career they want, to make an informed choice.

3. Family Values.

Some parents choose to homeschool to instill their own values and worldview into their children, rather than the values taught (by word or example) at the local traditional school. If you started homeschooling for this reason, why change now? High school students still need guidance in making good choices. In some cases, they may need you more at 15 than they did at 5!

4. Peer Pressure.

How many times have you read or heard about a “good kid from a good family” who just got arrested or was the victim of a crime? Often the kid got involved with the wrong group of people. Sometimes kids cave into peer pressure and do things they would never do on their own. Continuing homeschooling gives them a chance to mature and make choices without the pressure or influence of a peer group.

5. Flexibility

Homeschooling provides so much flexibility that traditional schools cannot match. Students can work full or part-time while continuing their high school education. Because homeschooling can be done any time of day, homeschool students can often work day shifts not available to other students. Flexibility in scheduling is a big plus for employers, making homeschoolers an attractive pool of potential employees.  Of course, this flexibility could also allow a student to create his or her own business and become an entrepreneur rather than an employee!