Should Your Homeschooler Do End of Year Testing?


Annual testing is mandatory in public and private schools, but it isn’t required (in most states) for homeschoolers. Since it’s optional for most, you may be wondering about the pros and cons of homeschool testing. This month, we’ll just do a quick recap of the benefits and let you decide!

Assessment Tests for Homeschoolers

Annual tests for homeschoolers seem to be a spot of disagreement amongst homeschoolers, but there really are many benefits to doing it! For starters, homeschool tests will give you a much better idea of where your students stand in comparison to others his or her age. If you’ve been even the slightest bit unsure of yourself, homeschool testing services can offer you the assurance you need.  

Another big benefit to homeschooling exams is that it prepares your students for the SAT and the ACT. Are those two tests mandatory, though? If your child plans on attending college, these tests are absolutely mandatory. Some colleges want to see scores for both of these exams, but most colleges only require one. In any case, preparing your child for such high-stakes tests is important and annual testing can do just that.

With so many benefits to annual tests for homeschoolers, does it have to cost an arm and a leg? Not at all! If you’re interested in free standardized testing for homeschoolers, consider requesting fee waivers for the SAT and ACT. Tip: You can only request a fee waiver for the SAT twice in your lifetime.

The idea of annual testing definitely leaves you with thoughts as to whether or not you’re doing the right thing. Students can certainly take the SAT or ACT without ever having done annual testing, too. Whatever you decide, feel free to reach out and let us help you!

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