Free High School Career Exploration Course

Exploring Teen’s Strengths, Weaknesses, and Their Personalities is the Foundation presents Career Explorations, a four-week unit study course specifically for homeschooled high schoolers. This unit study will guide you through the steps of researching and seeking out a career path that is right for you, beginning with taking an insightful look at your personality, strengths, and weaknesses, and how you work best. Like a skeleton key, this simple piece of advice unlocks countless doors for children. When students understand how their brains work, they have the ability to improve and change the way they take in and synthesize information. 

What’s Included in the Four Week Career Exploration Course?

This study is broken down into four weeks of research and assignments including:

  1. How to Choose a Career
  2. Understanding Yourself Better
  3. Required Job Skills and Resources
  4. Getting Your Parents Involved and Taking the Next Step

Our free course takes your student step-by-step through discovering where their strengths lie, and in what career areas they might find success. Then it encourages teens to think about their future and what they might need to do now in order to reach those goals. This is a perfect course to jump-start discussions about what your teen wants to do for a career. This course is also a great fit for mature middle schoolers.

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