Free Joyful Homeschooling Book and Journal!

Our attitude can make or break our homeschooling day…

This is why is sharing a free download of both the Joyful Homeschooling Book and the Joyful Homeschooling Journal with the homeschool community.

We’ve been there… those difficult days when we feel as if every ounce of joy has been sucked right out of us and we wonder if we can even finish the day… 

But wait… that doesn’t have to be our “norm.”

When you focus on the joys in your life, your days flow better and you accomplish much more. ‘Joyful Homeschooling’ introduces you to ten ‘mindsets’ ‘ a different mindset each week ‘ and it provides you with prompts for the week to help you put this new mindset into action and turn it into a habit. While the “Joyful Homeschooling Journal” gives you a place to journal about your “joy journey!”

Get 2 FREE Books to Rediscover Your Joy!