Handmade Gifts Kids Can Make

Adults often treasure gifts created by children! In fact, there’s just something special about a handmade gift from anyone – old or young.  Yet, homemade gifts from children are incredibly meaningful and can give children a sense of accomplishment!  That’s why we’ve gathered our favorite handmade gifts kids can make here to help you plan some holiday DIY!

Handmade Gifts Kids Can Make

Button Yarn Christmas Tree

Handmade Christmas Tree Project
For the older child. Use of a glue gun. Follow the steps to create a simple cute button Christmas tree.


DIY Faux Stained Glass Candle Holders

These stained glass candle holders are beautiful! This craft takes a bit of time, which makes it a great option if you are looking for Christmas activities for kids! To be honest, some projects are a bit too fast for kiddos who need to stay busy, right? Better yet, though, these are stunning and serve as a great art project. Anyone would love to open this as a present on Christmas morning, especially grandparents!



  1. Thoroughly wipe each votive holder to clean away any films or residues.
  2. With the liquid leading, create the framework design for your stained glass. You can use any design you like! Allow the liquid leading to dry for 12-48 hours.
  3. Now it’s time to paint! Help your child paint between the lines with varying colors. Make sure the glass paint is thickly applied, or it won’t stand out when it’s dry.
  4. Set aside the holders to dry completely to the touch before adding the candle.
  5. Light your new candle and enjoy the artwork! OR, wrap it as a Christmas present!


Decorated Mugs

I love the idea of personalized mugs from children. Parents and grandparents alike love getting homemade presents like these. It’s a great way to involve your children in the season and spirit of gift-giving, while also giving them something to do during holiday downtime. Holiday crafts for kids are a great way to help them discover the joy of investing time and effort into a gift for someone else. Additionally, this project is simple and fairly mess-free!



  1. In preparation, wash and dry the mugs. Ensure they are 100% dry.
  2. Brainstorm a design with your child for your intended recipient.
  3. Help your child draw on the mug with the paint pens.
  4. Let the mugs dry for 24 hours.
  5. Bake the mugs at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes.
  6. Once completely cool, wrap as a gift!


Small Felt Christmas Tree Handmade Gifts Kids Can Make

Small Felt Christmas Tree Project


Handprint Jewelry Keepsake Dish

What a fun idea for family and close friends! This craft is fantastic because the jewelry dish is shaped like your children’s hands rather than a regular bowl. Store necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and so on, in the palm of their hands, and rings can be stored on their fingers! This makes for such a fun and unique present, and it’s even better because your kids get to play such a large part in creating it. Involving children in yearly festive traditions is one of the best aspects of Christmas activities for kids! This holiday craft is a little more involved than the rest, but it is sure to be a hit, especially with grandparents!



  1. With card-stock and a pencil, trace your child’s hand. Once you are satisfied with the shape, cut it out. This will serve as your template!
  2. Select a few clay colors and roll them into varying sizes of ropes. Twist these clay ropes together and mash and roll them as desired for a marbling effect.
  3. Flatten the clay and roll it out with the rolling pin over the cutting mat to protect your work surface.
  4. Lay the hand template over the clay and cut the clay to shape with the X-Acto knife.
  5. Bake the clay handprint in an oven-safe bowl as directed by the clay’s manufacturer’s instructions.
  6. Allow the jewelry dish to cool completely.
  7. With acrylic paint, help your children paint the edges of the handprint to polish the look.
  8. Allow the paint to dry. Additional: consider using a fine-tip paint pen to write a personal message beneath the handprint dish!
  9. If you would like to seal & protect the clay, apply the oven-bake clay bond & glaze according to the directions.


Photo Necklace Handmade Gifts Kids Can Make

If you are searching for a gift that doesn’t look quite as homemade as the rest, but that you can still create with your kids, this is the craft for you! These photo necklaces are gorgeous and incredibly special! While the DIY may seem complicated, don’t let it fool you — it’s really very simple. Your children can definitely have a hand in this project, though as with several DIY holiday crafts for kids, the assistance of an adult is required.



  1. Select a photograph and measure with the glass cabochons to make sure it will fit. Trace the photo around the glass cabochon and cut to size.
  2. Use the mod podge to glue the photograph to the pendant tray.
  3. Apply the mod podge to the flat side of the glass cabochon.
  4. Place the cabochon into the pendant tray, onto the photograph, and press firmly for 30-60 seconds.
  5. Wipe away any excess mod podge.
  6. Allow the pendant to dry overnight.
  7. Thread the necklace chain through the pendant loop.
  8. Wrap as a Christmas present!


The holidays are a wonderful time for spending quality time with your children! Christmas is a great opportunity for slowing down, relaxing the homeschool schedule, enjoying fun activities, and working on crafts. When it feels bitter cold outside, what’s better than gathering everyone together with fun craft supplies? Besides, homemade gifts are especially valuable because they add a dash of sentiment that store-bought presents just don’t have.  

Gift-making is one of our favorite Christmas activities for kids. I love how it teaches young children the meaning of a gift, and the joy of investing something valuable to us — time, effort, money — to make someone else smile. If you’ve been on the hunt for holiday activities for kids, I hope you have found at least a couple of great ones here!

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